Texans Downplay Sideline Argument Between Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson

Discussion in 'Houston Texans' started by SRW, Nov 17, 2013.

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    After theTexans 28-23 loss to the Oakland Raiders, quarterback Matt Schaub and franchise wide receiver Andre Johnson got into a screaming match on the sidelines, according to the Houston Chronicle.

    Said Schaub: “It was just emotions, emotions of the game. He’s a great guy and a great competitor, as am I.â€

    Said Johnson: “Me and Matt are fine.â€

    Said coach Gary Kubiak: “I saw. That’s just frustration. It doesn’t bother me than players get mad. I hope guys get mad. We’ll handle it.â€

    Source: The Redzone

    SteveRobWhatever's Take: Emotions got the best of the two after the failed fourth and goal play that ended the Texans' chances at a come from behind win. The season has turned upside down on the Texans, and you have to wonder how much this team has fallen off. Is it rebuild time?
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    "You just don't do it like Casey," screamed Andre Johnson!
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    I'm sure the media at the game in Houston was licking their chops when they saw Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson where arguing.
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    They are already speculating about Johnson wanting to leave Houston.

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    To me, at least it shows they still care about winning
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    Wait, so this doesn't mean Andre Johnson is a POS like Dez because he was disrupting the balance of his team???
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    No, this team has no balance.
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    Dallas does?