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Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers' started by ollysj, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. ollysj

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    Since I'm not the only Packers fan here on the board anymore, I decide to start this thread.

    Our situation: We start the season unexpected with a 3-0 record and had beaten the Eagles, Giants and Chargers.
    Our young offense, lead by an old QB, stepped up and put 82 points on the board, while the D hold to opponents to 50 points.

    The Offense: Green is gone and the most experienced RB Morency didn't play a single down this season. Jackson and Wynn did a good job for rookies and pickup Grant contribute too, but there is still a lot of work to do on this position.
    The line was great when we host the Chargers (the only game I have seen, so it's hard for me to jugde the other ones), giving Favre all the time in the pocket he need, and open up games for the rushers.
    The receiver and Tight Ends give Favre good targets to spread the ball to several players, and we have RBs that can catch the ball too. Beside veteran Driver, sophomore Jennings and rookie Jones become our leading receivers.

    The Defense: Our secondary is still to shaky. When Rivers start to go deep, CBs and Safteys looked bad sometimes.
    The line played good against the rush, but I'm looking for more pressure on the QB.
    The LBs, lead by Barnett did a very good job and making plays all over the place.

    The Special Teams: Crosby had a strong leg, Ryan does good too.
    The coverage team becomes better, compared to last season and so did the returning units.

    Next up: Minessota, a team we rarely beat at home. Even starting with a 1-2 record, the loss at Kansas City should gave them a wakeup call. We can win, but it will be a though close game.

  2. JoeKnows

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    I'd still rather have a bonafide #1 RB, but I'll take the production so far.
  3. ollysj

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    yep, TT sucked total on this. He trusted the rookies and the unexperienced Morency, instead of looking for a replacement for Green. It worked last year with the O-line, let's hope it work with the RBs this time too.
  4. JoeKnows

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    He's loathe to sign a guy for more than his market value at any time, no matter what the circumstances. His idea of addressing a need is to spend an early and a late pick on it. We'll see if it works this time.
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    I think it's a little too early to judge the running game since Morency hasn't been on the field yet. I think once he gets back it'll be his job, since as of yet, DeShawn Wynn has done a better job at the position than B-Jack.

    Favre looks like he found the fountain of youth during the offseason, and looks great, McCarthy is really done a great job reeling him in somewhat.

    Our WR corps is looking like the strength of the team, Driver is unbelieveable, Jennings looks like the guy he was last year before the injury last week, and James Jones continues to impress the hell out of me. The offensive line is progressing as well, and nice to see we were able to rebuild the O-Line comparable to the force we had when it was Clifton, Wahle, Flanny, Rivera, and Tausch.

    Defensively, wow, I cannot remember a defensive group I have loved in Green Bay since the Super Bowl Packers in 1997. Kamp and Jenkins on the outside, Hawk, Barnett and Pops at LB, Pickett and basically whoever we plug in beside him at the DT, and our great corner tandem. It's amazing how much better we look after losing the weak link Marquand Manuel.

    The thing I think that impresses me more than anything, we've gotten better, and signed one person in free agency, who isnt an impact player. Sherman's guys for the most part are gone, and TT's philosophy of letting the young guys play to earn their keep is paying off. No more does it seem we're keeping overpaid vets who have maxed out around to steal money, it's goin where it belongs.

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    I love TT for how he has gotten this team to where it is now. I blame him a little for the run game but I like his approach on not overspending for a lot of FAs. I think he will get another RB like a Stewart, Hart, Slaton, Felix type that can take the ball for 20-25 touches a game. Hart Stewart and Felix all fit the system good, you could probably add Rice if he for goes his senior year. But you have to see that TT has built a very talented team with kids that have great personalities and Aaron Rogers is going to walking into a very very good team once we figure out the run game.

    I like what Grant has done the past two weeks, if we can get the oline blocking a little better then we will be in business. I hope Grant turns into our main back cause I think we need more depth at CB, Safety, oline, and a better LBer to replace Poppinga. Dan Conners LBer from Penn State. I would like in the draft if he gets to us. But I hope Grant turns into a gem and starts getting our run game going in Green Bay.
  7. ollysj

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    I hope we still have him around, once Favre will retire :icon_confused:

    I'm still not a fan of TT, but I had to admitt that he made some good draft picks and McCarthy was a good choice too. From what we knew today, parting ways with Green wasn't bad too. He didn't play much at Houston bc of injuries.

    Good point too, but some pickoffs would be good to get more (experienced) depth to the team. I'm not talking about big names, but some proven veterans
  8. pitzj5971

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    Yeah at first I wasnt a real big fan of TT but once I understood the NFL better and the talent he is bringing in I am loving TT. He does have his moments where you think he is being self rigthious and a pr**k with the drafting and no FAs but he has brought us from cap hell into having money to sign that extra player to push us over the top. He has pretty much everyone we want to keep in GB under contract for few years which is great.

    Now idk when Favre is going to retire and my guess is that if we make it to the NFC Championship game win or lose he will be back, if we lose the Superbowl he will be back also. Now if the Packers win the Superbowl this year he wont be back and will retire because I think he wants to go out on a high note and I wouldnt want anything less for him. I do also believe he will only stay for one more year and then hang them up and I forget the contract of Rogers but Im pretty sure he is the Packers till after 2009 where the Packers can hopefully resign him because we have been grooming him for all these years and it would be a waste to see him go and have either a rookie or a vet coming from a different system. I like what Rogers did this preseason and hopefully he can build on that and stay with the team where he will be given every opportunity to succeed and I believe there wont be a big dropoff from Favre to Rogers.

    I also agree that there should be some signings from the FA market if the Packers need it, like CB depth would be great, along with some vet. oline men but that takes away from the young oline men we have and a RB would have been a great addition. But I didnt see anyone out there that was worth the contracts they where getting in the FA market last off season which got way out of hand because of the bump in the salary cap. Which hopefully it will go back to normal this year and not have a have outragoes contracts which is good. Now I dont see the problem adding some vets but only if you need it but I would like them to develop the young talent they have and add vet depth as you where saying like add a CB and maybe a rb if TT decides not to draft another RB also another TE wouldnt hurt. But with that said TT will most likely draft a RB, TE, another OL, CB. Which I dont see the need to go out and get FA help with Blackmon coming off an injury they might cause Bush is not doing very well. So I agree if you need it then get some vet help but I dont see the need for it with this team.

    Ok thats the end of my rant, just gotta say we need more Packer fans in here because this thread definitely should be bigger then the Bears :icon_cheesygrin::icon_cool: