The Bogus Coast To Coast Travel Theory

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Truth or BS?

  1. Yes, it's real

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  2. No, it's a load of crap

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  3. Maybe true, but really overplayed

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  1. FSUViking

    FSUViking BANNED

    Is anyone else tired of hearing announcers continue to offer up the stupid "time zone" excuse for teams on one coast traveling to the other? Cal lost at Maryland because of the time difference. The Chargers and Seahawks can't win past the Mississippi River because it feels like they're playing at 10am. Seriously? If it's that big of deal then get there an extra day early. I'm so sick of announcers saying "well, their body clocks are telling them it's really 10am, West Coast time, so that's why it's 24-3." It's not like these guys travel coach sitting next to a screaming baby and a fat chick in a seat that's too small, 12 hours before gametime. :icon_rolleyes:
  2. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    The three hour difference is huge. You just can't sleep before 3, or 4 AM, and then get up at 8 or 9? That's hard. I believe it does affect the players.
  3. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    It's a reality...check the schedule, check the results...
  4. Cletusaurus

    Cletusaurus YES! YES! YES!

    In the last 3 years... (as they say, folks, the numbers don't lie)

    Oakland- 1-6
    San Diego- 2-3
    Arizona- 0-5 (no EST games in 2006)
    San Francisco- 0-4 (no EST games in 2006)
    Seattle- 2-4

    Unless we're not counting New Orleans as "east coast," despite their being in the Eastern time zone, in which case Oakland's record goes to 1-5. And I DID count Carolina, considering North Carolina is on the coast. Draw your conclusions from there...
  5. ronbart

    ronbart Pro Bowler

    BS. they are getting paid to play, and we make everything so easy for them. if they cant be ready at game time when the schedule is announced months in advance, theyre a bunch a cats
  6. packerboy

    packerboy Bugger off

    I don't care how much you pay a guy, money won't change human biology.
  7. dolphindude13

    dolphindude13 Jack Of All Trades

    It's true, big difference when you change 3+ time zones. It takes a couple of days to get your "clock" right again. If there was nothing to it then why do teams stay if they have back to back games on either coast. I think the Giants and Chargers have done it this season already.
  8. ronbart

    ronbart Pro Bowler

    im not saying they arent effected by it. im saying it shouldnt effect thyre play. they are professionals if a little something like this is gonna keep you from playing well, i dont think you would have played well anywhere. i mean they play games once a week. if your not rested enough after an entire week, 3 hors wont make that big a difference
  9. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    Yea i think it effects them to an extent but its not an excuse.
  10. ronbart

    ronbart Pro Bowler

    all im saying is that if im going to spend my hard earned money on a titcket to watch my team play, i want them to perform. not performing and blaming it on a cross country trip is BS
  11. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    right. "normal" ppl working on shifts and have to do their job too
  12. smashmouth

    smashmouth Rookie

    I agree there's some difference, but mostly it's "home field" advantage.

    Essentially the games are played at the same time, 1:00pm est time games have to start at 10am on the west coast.

    the cycle time doesn't change, just the position of the sun in the sky during the games.

    so the aztecs might complain, but the pro's? can't see it
  13. FSUViking

    FSUViking BANNED

    They don't get there Sunday morning!

    Hmmm. Weird how it never seemed to effect the Raider teams of the 70's or the Niner Empire of the 80's. And air travel is a lot more comfy now then it was then.

    So, it must be a recent phenomenon then, because two of the most dominant franchises in the history of the NFL are from the Bay Area. In this era of comfort and pampering, athlete must be bigger pussies then, because Joe, Bill, and the rest of the 49ers could beat any team, anywhere, anytime. Same with the Raiders. The "numbers" also say that three of those teams have been freaking terrible for the past three years as well, no matter where they play.

    Maybe the teams you listed just freaking suck and are using this line of BS as an excuse. Seattle was 2-2 on the East Coast when they made it to the Super Bowl in 2005, including a 42-0 win AT Philadelphia.
  14. PurplePeopleEaters

    PurplePeopleEaters moon over minnie!

  15. FSUViking

    FSUViking BANNED

    Thanks. Nobody adds insight to a topic like you do. :icon_rolleyes:
  16. MediaGuy

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