The Failure Of Jason Campbell

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    It's a harsh title and it also singles out one man for blame but the QB position and it's importance for an NFL team means that is sometimes how it is.

    Campbell started the season reasonably well and he set a franchise record for consecutive passes without an interception as the Redskins sprint out of the blocks to start of the season 6-2.

    Against Detroit, where the Redskins recorded their sixth win of the season Campbell enjoyed a great day. He passed for 328 yards, a TD and completed over 80% of his attempts for a rating of 127. Since then though, his game has gone south and the Redskins season with it.

    The actual real blame might lie with the workload given to Clinton Portis early in the season. Against the Lions, Portis enjoyed his 5th straight game rushing for over 120 yards and his ability to make the ground game a real threat to any opponent meant Campbell could use play action and not be the focal point for any defense.

    By the time the Skins faced the Steelers a week later Portis was with the walking wounded and although he hasn't missed a game a combination of wearing down, injuries plus a banged up offensive line meant he has failed to keep up the early season pace since.

    As his play has fallen off, so has Campbell's. Since the Lions game, Campbell has at last thrown an interception and in the five games since has an even TD:Int ratio (four of each). He has failed to rate above 90 in any of those five games (he rated over 90 in six of the previous eight games including four 100+ games).

    His best game in this five game stretch was against the Seahawks were he rated just under 90. It's also the only game Clinton Portis has managed 100+ yards on the ground in that period.

    Of course there are a lot of factors but the bottom line is that after Portis had carried the Skins to a fast start he has lost his effectiveness and Jason Campbell has not being able to take up the slack.

    He's certainly not playing terrible and there are certain aspects of his game that have improved. He sees the field better and goes through his progressions faster and with more success. His fumbling problem of last year has also ceased to be a major problem. Every time he was sacked in 07 it seemed the ball popped loose but this year he is covering the ball up better when hit.

    However he is not making big plays or enough 3rd down conversions to keep the score board ticking over and drives sustained. The Skins have only three pass plays of over 40 yards all season (only the Jaguars and Bengals have less) and the Skins offensive as a whole ranks 26th in 3rd down efficiency with a 35% conversion rate.

    Injuries around the offense haven't helped but other niggling problems like the failure to get plays in quickly and formation issues are proving to be very frustrating factors of the Redskins season.

    Is this the end for Campbell as the Redskins starter? I doubt it but after three years of starting I think he needs to be producing at a higher level and with him being a free agent after the 2009 season, the Skins have to address his future soon.

    I'm not sure if I would like to see the franchise commit a lot of cap room to Campbell. The going rate for a young starting QB in todays league is roughly $20m up front and an average of $7-10m in salary per season. It's a big ask.

    The NFL is a QB hungry league though and teams will take more risks, both in terms of what they will offer a team in trade for a QB and what money they are prepared to pay him.

    The Redskins should shop Campbell around this off-season. He's young, has starting experience and is a top character. Maybe a change of scenery is what he needs but I do believe the Redskins - who are riddled with an aging roster, lack of cap room and lack of draft picks - should sniff around the trade market and see what they can get. A first rounder is definitely possible and if you find the right partner I think you could likely get two high picks for him (maybe a 1st and a 3rd the following year) and if that were the case I'd pull the trigger.

    It might mean getting by with Todd Collins for a year whilst Colt Brennan or another young prospect is developed but I am at the point now where I don't believe Campbell is the answer.
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    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

  3. falcon_91

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    A 1st for Jason Campbell seriously?
  4. 86WARD

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    I don't think any team would give up a first and a third for Campbell.
  5. Chrisbob

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    Has he shown he's worth it - no.

    Has this league shown people will overpay for average/unproven QB's - yes.

    Matt Schuab had only ever thrown a few passes and the Texans coughed up for him. Twice the Dolphins gave up 2nd round picks for career back-ups. The Buc's coughed up a pick for a retired QB!

    It's the one position teams will take a chance on. Campbell is young enough and with some experience to be tempted for QB hungry team and this years draft and free agent market looks like Matt Cassel and then er....
  6. phiglesphan

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    So we're taking Super 5 off the free agency market? Glad to hear it!!! Does that mean Kevin Kolb goes on it? Cause both are better the Jason Campbell : D
  7. Mike

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    should have went with Collins from the start
  8. Ridin Burgundy

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    hell no
  9. Inclulbus

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    hell no? He only turned your team around last season after Campbell blew another Skins good start to a season, pissing it down the drain. Todd Collins only led you to the playoffs..... oh, I forgot, Redskins fans are use to losing seasons though, so Campbell is the perfect fit for you all!..

    Hey, Dallas needs a decent Backup, and decent is all Jason Campbell will ever be. So, With the power invested in me as a Cowboys fan, I offer Brooks Bollinger, and Brad Johnson to the Redskins, for Jason Campbell straight up!
  10. TJ

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    Add Brian Stewart. Don't they need a crapty DC?
  11. wide right

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    JP Losman :icon_mrgreen:
  12. mike oxlong

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    see my other post in the other self hating redskins thread....
  13. Jihad Joe

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    I just do see Campbell as a WCO passer
  14. CP26

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    I honnestly think the offseason will get ugly. Here are the players that I think Need to get out:

    Shawn Springs(Trade)
    Marcus Washington
    Todd Yoder
    Jon Jansen(Trade)
    Ladell Betts(Trade)
    Jason Campbell(Trade)
    James Thrash
    Fred Smoot

    Thats About it.
  15. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    No one is gonna trade for Springs. He is too old

    I will say that he belongs in Dallas, and to see Ron Springs son in freaking burgundy is a damn shame.
  16. CP26

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    Well you never know. Falcons could use him, Pats could use him.
  17. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Then they will pick him up after he gets cut
  18. CP26

    CP26 Im Back Mofos

    No. I hope we get something
  19. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    You wont. Dont get me wrong, I think Springs is a valuable player. But he is an aging injury prone CB. No one is gonna give up anything for him
  20. CP26

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    I hate to say it but your right. :(

    Anyways Cool to disccus with you.