The Official 2008-2009 Washington Capitals Thread!

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  1. L.Johnson #27

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    We need a new thread :icon_wink:

    GO CAPS GO !


    Obama ? McCain ? Who ? ^^
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    I want to drink from Sir Stanley's Goblet!!!

  3. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    yeah :buttrock:

    Caps @ Devils 29.09.08 Pre Season Game 4 , 7 pm

    Tonight's Lineup In New Jersey

    Here's the lineup for tonight's game as the Caps aim to improve to 4-0 in the preseason.



    Johnson will start; he'll be backed up by Theodore.

    This will be Backstrom's first game action since spraining his right ankle in informal skates earlier this month.
  4. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    Caps won 3:2 and are 4:0 in the preseason !

    New Jersey - Washington 2:3 [​IMG]

    0:1 Mike Green 1 (power play) (Michael Nylander, Nicklas Backstrom)
    0:2 Boyd Gordon 1 (Michael Nylander, Tomas Fleischmann)
    0:3 Alexander Ovechkin 1 (shorthanded) (Dave Steckel, Shaone Morrisonn)
    1:3 Zach Parise 1 (David Clarkson, Rod Pelley)
    2:3 Petr Vrana 1 (Sheldon Brookbank, Fedor Fedorov)
  5. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    Caps vs Flyers 03.10.08 Pre Season Game 6 , 7 pm

    Fleischmann-Nylander Clark



    Caps vs. Flyers 5:1

    1:0 Alexander Ovechkin 1 (shorthanded) (Dave Steckel)
    2:0 Chris Clark 1 (power play) (Alexander Ovechkin)
    3:0 Nicklas Backstrom 1 (Brooks Laich, Alexander Ovechkin)
    3:1 Daniel Briere 1 (power play) (Mike Knuble, Mike Richards)
    4:1 Tomas Fleischmann 1 (Chris Bourque, Sergei Fedorov)
    5:1 Eric Fehr 1 (Jeff Schultz, Sergei Fedorov)

    AO against with a shorthander. Bruce gives him and Semin some shifts in the PK . This could be a weapon for the caps this season :icon_cheesygrin:
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    cfreaking in!!!!!!
    caps caps caps
  7. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    Opening Roster:


    The defense pairings were as follows:


    Capitals Insider
  8. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    some updates and news

    The power play units heading into the opener will be as follows:

    1) Ovechkin and Fedorov on the point, Kozlov on the wall, Laich in front and Semin on the goal line.

    2) Ovechkin and Green on the point, Nylander on the wall, Clark in front and Backstrom on the goal line

    Ovechkin and Semin are fine, Boudreau said.

    Capitals Insider
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    Let's go CAPS!
  10. Bears 88

    Bears 88 FTW

    We get you guys on Saturday. Should be fun.
  11. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    yeah @ verizon

    Huet #1 goalie ? :icon_lol:

    5:2 Caps :icon_cheesygrin:

    OV loves to score against Huet
  12. Roy31

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    Caps got rocked and Kovalchuk didn't even score a goal for Atlanta.
  13. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    awful start by the caps .... Theodore :bad: but no panic , today they will destroy the blackhawks :icon_cheesygrin:
  14. Mike

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    lets bounce back today and get a W boys
  15. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    the start is freaking important ..... today chicago , on monday canucks and thursday @ Pittsburgh ..... we need some wins
  16. Bears 88

    Bears 88 FTW

    Hopefully Theodore plays like swiss cheese tonight.
  17. CP26

    CP26 Im Back Mofos

    I hope Caps Rebound. After Kings its one of my fav teams
  18. L.Johnson #27

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    FREAK MCPHEE , I WANT HUET BACK , Theodore is crap
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    i miss Olie ;/
  20. L.Johnson #27

    L.Johnson #27 C-H-I-E-F-S - G-A-L-A-X-Y

    yeah ...

    ok were now in in the game , 1-2 , lets go

    Ovechkin shots and he scoooooooooooores , the BEAST is BACK !!!!