The Official Brazil 2014 World Cup Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Sports' started by TJ, Dec 6, 2013.

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    I have never understood why people tend to give opinions about things they don't like or know absolutely nothing about, but maybe it's just me.
    Probably is just you.
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    No, it isn't just him....
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  3. TJ

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    Thought about giving this thread a bump, since we're 2 months away from the tournament.

    The U.S. and Mexico played a friendly last night. I don't see the point of having games in which our guys who play in Europe can't come, but maybe it's just me. The first half was dominated by the U.S. and the second half belonged to Mexico, so the final 2-2 score was fair. There's nothing for us to take from that game, because half our starters couldn't even make the trip, so all I can guess is that Herrera is looking for substitutes or something, in case someone gets hurt.

    Did Klinsmann do the same? Do you guys have players in Europe who couldn't travel either?
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    Silly TJ, American soccer plays arnt good enough to play in Europe!
  5. TJ

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    Donovan played in Europe during his prime. I think Howard, your goalkeeper, is in the Premier League. Maybe not enough for a full team, but you must have at least two or three...
  6. ollysj

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    We have so much games here, with all those national and European leagues, so the clubs don't send their players home for unimportant friendlies.
  7. TJ

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    Yeah, I think this game was agreed between both the U.S. and Mexican federation, and they would only use players from their respective domestic leagues.
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  8. ollysj

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    The agreement is, that the (league)teams, doesn't have to give the players off for friendlies, only for qualifies. The last time we played friendlies at America, we came with our 2nd and 3rd stringers.
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    28 days to go....

    Two days ago, we played a lackluster game vs. Poland, with the youngest team Germany ever put on the field. Final score was 0:0
  10. TJ

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    This is new for me...a World Cup in which I have no hope for my team whatsoever...

    My dad says I finally grew up...about time, I guess...
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    I think that is the best way to enter a tournament. I learned that the hard way when a 13 year old me was crushed by our so called "golden generation" showing complete apathy during the 2006 tournament. Lesson was re-enforced four years later with that game with Algeria.

    Also, being German always seems to pay off at World Cups.

    EDIT: On a plus side, Mexico automatically have more hope than the US...that's gotta be something...right?
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    We had our bad moments too
  13. TJ

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    Can someone explain to me why was Landon Donovan left out of the USMNT 23-man roster? Is he injured? Did he refuse? It doesn't make any sense, he's the best player you've ever had, and it's not even close...
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    1. United States constantly referred to as the United States Mens National Team or USMNT is irritating as duck. England are England, Germany are Germany, what the duck have the US team done to have extra crap constantly added. duck.

    2. A dude who was mediocre for Everton on two occasions being America's greatest (outfield player, the Yanks to be fair have produced some top notch goalies) player is funny as hell. Yeah 'Murica!

    3. Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard are literally the only players worth a crap, why make an impossible group even tougher by leaving one of them out for craps and giggles?

    4. lol Juergen Klinsmann
  15. TJ

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    Yeah, I wasn't exactly giving him a compliment. Being the greatest U.S. player ever doesn't really mean much
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  16. andy82

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    As meaningful as being Kenya's best figure skater.
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    Americans like all those abbreviations - USMC, NYPD, LAFD, CIA, etc
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    I already have this world cup shirt=fan
  19. TJ

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    Six days to go. Star players are falling like flies. Falcao didn't recover from his torn ACL in time, and today it was confirmed that Frank Ribery won't play for France. Add that to Cristiano Ronaldo's injury that has him "day-to-day", and we might miss the best players in the world missing the World Cup. Suddenly, Messi slacking off for Barcelona down the stretch starts to make sense.

    We lost our best midfielder last week: Luis Montes broke a leg in a friendly against Ecuador, and Marquez, our captain is questionable.

    FIFA needs to do something. Players are burned out after the season, and don't make it to the World Cup at 100%.
  20. Steve12

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    And the USA just sits here with all our players intact and still no chance.
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