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Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by afjay, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Your post reminds me of the Seinfeld Episode...

    "You tell that son of a snitch no Yankee is ever comin' to Houston! Not as long as you bastards are running things!"
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    I kinda like you have any sisters?:icon_cool:
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    Now that we signed B Johnson, does that mean we're not drafting a WR? This could be the last opportunity to get a good one on the team.:icon_eek:
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    You won't have an answer until draft day.
  5. Crowned

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    Yea because Bruce, Jackson, and Johnson are a horrible wr corps you'll never get a good one.
  6. 49erGenius

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    Bruce was good under a different system. B Johnson has been on a crappy team for years, but because he's still young, he might have potential. D Jackson, his ability was dropping the ball. Point is, we still have to establish a no. 1 WR, and it may look like Issac Bruce, then D Jackson, B Johnson, Battle, Hill, Lelie (if he hasn't been cut). D Jackson should be slotted as a no. 4 WR.
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    Does the name Mike Martz ring a bell????
  8. BarlOwens

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    good under a different system other than the one he's currently going to be playing under..considering its the same damn coach?

    Lelie will be gone, followed by Jackson (hopefully they can trade him)...and Hill might never see the field outside of preseason....Any WR we draft will be molded for a year...its good to have a veteran like Bruce for its not out of the question that we still pick up a WR in the first round..we may even trade up for 2 picks in the 1st again...
  9. 49erGenius

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    I disagree on cutting Lelie if he wasn't :kma: to Nolan. I do agree on the WR pickup, but problem is, I see only 3 worth taking, and the first one will obviously be gone by the time we even pick, and DeSean might also be gone. That leaves Hardy.

    But if the 49ers have Bruce, Jackson, Lelie, Battle, Hill, B Johnson, how can they draft a WR if they didn't say cut a WR? I wouldn't mention a trade for we tried that with K Harris, got nothing out of that one except his exit. Teams just are not suckers to trade with us unfortunately.:icon_sad:
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    Did you even read my post or just skim by it? I said they'd rid themselves of both Lelie and Jackson...and guess what..Jackson was just shown the door....go find a church and praise god in it....just as long as it keeps you from talking out of your butt anymore than is really necessary...:poke:
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    Barl meet p**is

    have fun.........
  12. 49erGenius

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    Barl, first off, my name is Genius. Beast Boy has educational troubles as a .com wannabe. I said Jackson YES, Lelie NO. Why is that? Lelie was not :kma: to Nolan. What part did you miss that I said Lelie was being treated like Jerry Porter? Remember the last coach the Raiders had, the one that got the team to mutiny against him and Porter was mistreated? That's who Nolan is. And the only reason why the team can't take a stand is because Nolan is a YES MAN, and being a Nolan yes man guarantees you a spot, even though you suck. And then like a Trent Dilfer, you get shafted and sold out so that Nolan can keep his sorry job to torture a fan like me.

    Barl, maybe you should be the one going to church and asking God for an education and some brains. :whatever: You're making it very easy for a 49er fan like myself to kick your butt many times. Mike Nolan has a problem with a few players, and like a K Barlow, Nolan is plotting to get rid of Lelie for NO FREAKING REASON because of not :kma: like the other players. It's really funny how D Smith :kma: all over Nolan and he STILL got shafted. :laughpound:

    I invite you to use the ignore feature if you don't want to read anymore of Dr. Savage's analysis in my writings.
  13. BarlOwens

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    Your kicking my butt yet Im the one who is actually talking realistically while your out in fairytale land blowing and baking for Lelie on your days off...

    How did Derek Smith get shafted? the guy was a leech that held on for 3 years longer than he should have with all that ass-kissing...
  14. 49erGenius

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    You're not offering any solutions. What I said about D Smith was called being Nolan's YES MAN just like Dilfer and any other 49er player that defended Nolan's bad ability to coach. Anybody who defends Nolan is a YES MAN trying to secure a job, even though that player SUCKS.

    The only realistic tale I am about to hear from you is 'the 49ers are going to win the division, go to the playoffs, go to the superbowl, we're number 1, and anybody saying otherwise is a bandwagon fan.' I'm a realist in what I see from this team.

    Do we have a no. 1 WR? Maybe. Not convinced yet.
    Do we have an Oline? No
    Do we have a Dline? None that I can see with only Sopoaga, FIelds maybe, and J Smith as our so called 3 defenders for the 3-4 that you want, but I feel the 3-4 sucks if you DON"T HAVE ANY LBS that can STAY HEALTHY!
    Can our QB help the team win? Well, establish a few things first.

    Least we have a RB, but if he's getting STUFFED, you have to PBUTT the ball to win the game.

    I still feel out of all this, we're not a playoff team unless we get a good player like T Spikes. Then maybe the 49ers might make the playoffs. Right now out of FA, 7 and 9. LIve with it!

    You still never gave an answer on Lelie when Nolan mismanaged him.
  15. 49er Ninja

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    dont forget our upcoming draft. we may pick up a player the the 1st or 2nd round that may make an impact on our team and push us into playoff status. plus its only march and we still can cut/pick up/trade other players, especially after June 1st....
  16. BarlOwens

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    Signing one aging linebacker with a torn rotator cuff issue is going to make us a playoff team rather than 7-9? :icon_rolleyes:

    Actually, yes I did give you an answer on Lelie the Djackson thread..He's worthless..I don't care if he refused to kiss Nolans butt or not...he's a straight line cat who half asses everything he does...He has no drive to make himself better..a primadonna without the skills or hard work to back it all up...

    Who the heck here thinks were going to win a division let alone a superbowl? Get off your high horse clown, its for the rodeo stars only....and don't forget your makeup kit on the way out...your preaching your bullcrap to the wrong people here my friend...We are far more realistic about this team and put the moves we make into their proper perspectives instead acting like a child and whining about his toy being broke instead of facing reality and moving on.....

    Solutions? What solutions can I offer that will make any god**mn difference in your mind that will have any affect on Nolan or our FO's moves...You sure as heck are not making a difference with all your worthless football knowledge...Nothing you have said here is new, and hasn't been discussed at length for the past 8 years...This teams FO is a joke, Erickson/Nolan are idiots .our D-line can't get any pressure........bring something new to the table worth something or go find a street corner with the rest of the cheap mouths....
  17. SuperBeast

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    For some reason i feel as if we've been through this before....
  18. 49erGenius

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    I don't think we've ever signed anybody after June 1st. I keep hoping we look through the waiver and pick up players, but it seems like we don't. Hopefully the draft can work out and I hope Goodell doesn't take away our picks.
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    Imagine what we could have got with that 7th pick?:icon_cry:
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