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    Position by position. My outlook on our roster for next year
    (out of *****)-


    QB- ***

    I know some people would consider this high, but I don't. I know that neither Alex or Shaun Hill have showed that they are full on starters. However, I think that we have a legit starter in at least one of them, and either would make an outstanding backup. Both have very different skill sets, so its tough for me to say that one is a better player as I think they would be very different in different systems. In a high octane offense, like what I expect Martz to attempt, I think Alex is the better choice. In a WCO I def. would choose Hill. However, I am tentatively positive on this position. Really either 2 or 2 1/2 stars for either as a starter now, but the depth bumps it to 3 for me.


    Frank Gore had what most considered a dissapointing year last year, but very little of it seemed his fault to me. He rarely was used in outside runs which was his bread and butter under Norv. The lack of a passing game had him running against 9-10 men at all times. I think he is a 4- 4 1/2 player. However I'm not sold on the depth behind him. M-rob is good at lots of things, great at nothing. Foster is over-rated IMO, and I think Clayton could be fairly solid but not really anything more than a Kevin Faulk type player at best.

    FB- **

    But what does it matter? Under Martz this position barely exists. Norris has a better skill set to recieve out of the backfield than in the power running game so he may fit in well here.

    TE- ***

    Potential to be a 5 star. VD needs to put it together, but has the ability to be an elite player, and is a very good blocker for having the speed he has. I expect him to be our #1 reciever this year and be used wide often. Bajema is a very good blocker in goal line sets, which is all we need from him, and Walker adds some ok depth.

    WR- *** 1/2

    Again, higher than many would expect. I keep hearing that we don't have a #1, but I'm not convinced. Nor am I convinced we really need a #1, you get enough good recievers on the field and spreading the ball all of a sudden they start to look much better. Bruce is a solid short term signing, and should help Alex and Jason Hill develop. Johnson has some talent and could fit with a Martz system. Can't wait to see what we have in Hill, and Battle is a very under-rated possesion man. I think VD, as I said, will be our #1 reciever; and if you consider him we have quite a few solid targets.

    OT- ***

    Staley was very much worth the trade last year and if he continues to develop this rating could go up quickly. JJ is better as a RT and if he can stay healthy can contribute. Serious lack of depth at the position and JJs injury risk makes this scary.

    OG- ** 1/2

    Love the addition of Rachel and i think he will start day 1. Bass played well toward the end of last season as well. However, the prospect of an unproven rookie and Bass pectoral tear lead to concern about the serious lack of depth here that could easily bite us in the butt. I know Smiley played terrible last year, but I wish we could have retained him as I think he would have fit better into Martz system than the power system Hostler tried to run (if Hostler even tried to run a system)

    C- **

    We'll see how well Heitman can recover from last year. Again depth is a serious concern.


    DE- **1/2

    I think loosing Douglas will hurt us more than some think. Sopoaga should make a good DE in a 3-4, better than a NT I think, and I'm glad they are going to rotate him in there. Balmer is a big ? in my mind. I worry that his skills won't translate to the pro level and that he doesn't have the drive. However, I could see him being an outstanding player as well. I like what I've seen of McDonald, but I don't know that he can be an impact player. This position is our most boom or bust I think, and unfortunatly, one of the most important. I like our depth, but I don't know that we have any real legit starters. Edit: Upon review I realize I somehow spaced J. Smith. Again I think he is a big ? in this system, but it raises my rating to a 2 1/2.

    DT- *

    Sopoaga will work better as a DE in a 3-4. Franklin is to slow to penetrate, and gets pushed around too much to stop the run. He doesn't eat up the blockers he needs to, and I think that really hurts the play of the people around him.

    OLB- ***

    Lawson will be an outstanding player for years. Unfortunately, much of the productivity of this position relies on the D- line, where we are lacking. I like the depth that Rod. Green, TBC, and Harylson bring, but none of them should be starting at this point. I think Roderick Green is the best in the bunch to start for us as we need the pass rush he brings, though his coverage and run stopping skills present a liability.

    MLB- ***

    Willis is one of the top LBs in the league already and should continue to develop. However, depth becomes a problem at this position. Ulbrich and Moore can be good players, particularly Moore, but neither one is likely to be an impact player. And under them, we don't have a whole lot.

    CB- **** 1/2

    Easily our strongest position IMO. Clements is an outstanding all around corner, and Harris is a smart veteran with excellent ball hawk skills. Neither played as well as they are capable of last year because of the lack of pass rush, once again putting our fate on the ? at DE. Spencer is a good but not great Nickel back, and I like what I've seen from Reggie Smith and Goldson, though I think both are better suited at Safety.

    S- *** 1/2

    The reason I give this high marks is the depth. Goldson and Smith have the chance to be special. Mark Roman is an average starter, would make an outstanding rotational backup. Lewis is prob. past his prime, but still an asset in run support and a fairly punishing hitter.

    K- ** 1/2

    Nedney is an average kicker, and I think kicker needs to be a target for us. He is very accurate, but really struggles with anything past 40 yards. Kicker is a great way to get value for impact on your team.

    P- *****

    Lee is the best punter in the league IMO. He has had LOTS of in game practice:icon_cheesygrin:

    Team Positives-

    Getting rid of Hostler, whether Martz is the answer or not, was the best thing for this team and I would have loved to see what we would have done last year with a respectable OC. Willis and Lawson should develop, and just getting Lawson back is huge. Hopefully having a year under his belt at DC can help Manusky take the next step to really getting some pressure on the QB. I expect Martz to help this offense, and the optimist in me thinks we could be quite respectable.


    Games are won and lost in the trenches, and that is our biggest ?. The optimist in me likes Martz, but the realist in me is still pissed we didn't get Cameron instead. Way too much of our success is going to rely on our D-line, which I am not confident on. Also, our o-line has struggled in pass protection, and now we get Martz who is a concussions best friend. I really think the hardest thing for us is our much tougher schedule this year. I see us as a better team this year if Balmer can pick up where BY left off, but I don't think we win more than 5-6 games unfortunately.



    3rd in NFC West.
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    hahaha....I hate to say it but I TOLD YOU SO
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    If only the team could do as well... :redface:
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    He has been saying that for a while. Reality is that Alex, barring a monumental failure in camp or injury, will start week 1.
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    heck Sullivan, this will be Alex Smith last shot to show what hes got, he needs at least a decent season, But throwing needs to be our 2nd choice.. I'd love to try to become a physical running team with Gore and Robinson and just let our defense handle the rest. Less turnovers.
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    you can't run when every team sticks 8-9 in the box because they have no fear of you completing more than a 5 yard dump route....
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    I know a certain Hos that would disagree with you there :icon_cheesygrin:
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    How can anything Martz says hold water at this point in the season? Everyone looks good or he is excited about. Playing in Helmets, T-Shirts and shorts is a little bit different than strapping on the pads.

    Why do we never hear anything about how Nolan feels?
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    Nolan and his robotic senseless self doesn't carry much weight with most of us at this point...
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    True, so true... :icon_cry: