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  1. HailttRedskins

    HailttRedskins I Still Say Redskins

    Well nobody made it, so I had to, you know how it goes.


    Hail to the Redskins
    Hail Vic-tor-y
    Braves on the Warpath
    FIGHT! For old D.C.

    Run or Pass and score
    We want a lot More
    Beat em Swap em Touchdown
    Lets the points soar
    Fight on
    Fight on
    Till you have won
    Sons of Waaa-shingggg-ton

    Hail to the Redskins
    Hail Vic-tor-y
    Braves on the Warpath
    FIGHT! For old D.C.
  2. p-rob88

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    So excited about the upcoming season ...HailttRedskins like your vids on youtube

    Our offense is going to be sick this year I think Pete Kendall is a huge upgrade from Wade and once Portis is suited up and on the field we will once again have a legit running game...and there is no question our defense is light years from were it was last season Playoffs 07.
  3. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    Two key players for me:

    Jason Campbell on offense. If he can make the passing game a genuine threat it opens up the whole offense.

    Defense, it's C-Griff. He performs well, the whole defense will be better for it and can get back to somewhere close to where they were two seasons ago.

    Go Skins!!!!!!!!
  4. HailttRedskins

    HailttRedskins I Still Say Redskins

    I agree Chris, if Campbell can throw the ball well, deep and regular, it will open up the field a lot more, so when we do decide to run the ball, we should have big field advantages to take over.
  5. Garnett

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    You guys have a very favorable schedule. You should beat Miami this Sunday. If Campbell is actually able to utilize Santana Moss' speed in the deep passing game and your offensive line remains healthy, then your offense should be in the top 15 in the league. Keep in mind Campbell is still young and Portis' knee is still unsure as the local sports talk people say.

    The defense needs to figure out a way to pressure the QB. I don't know who is going to be the standout pass rusher or will blitz schemes be Greg Williams' preference, but that was your gaping hole last season on defense.

    Because of the ease of your schedule, I can easily see you all as a .500 team this year.

    P.S. Ever think you'd get a realistic analysis from a Cowboy fan?
  6. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    We actually seem to get some reasonable Poke fans here Garnett who actually like to think about what they are saying and you seem to fall into that group too (every team has it's trolls or complete homers).

    I agree with what you say basically, regarding defensive pressure two things are key for me:

    1, Run D being better, forcing longer third downs in terms of yardage. Too often last year the Skins D faced 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 2 and offenses can throw their whole playbook at you there.

    2, More effective blitzing. Last year, with guys like Springs out, some of the Skins more effective blitzers were missing. that might sound a bit strange but for a DB, Springs is a heck of a blitz option. Watch out for David MAcklin in multiple DB sets too - and Landry.

    Point one will allow point two to happen, you'll see long yardage where Williams can dial up his blitzs. He is a guy who likes to blitz DB's more than anyone in the league and he's the best at drawing it up. Last year he got away from it but this year, if the Skins can force more long yardage 3rd downs, you'll see a lot more of it.
  7. 47kaos

    47kaos KAOS

    This is the year of promise. This is the year of Campbell. This is the year of the REDSKINS.

  8. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    Here's my thoughts on the Redskins victory last night:

    Jason Campbell: A good game for JC. An inconsistent start and he is still a bit wild on some of the short throws but overall, after the int, he came back well and was key in breaking the game open for the Skins. is first pass of the night was a beautiful throw to Cooley that he couldn't hang on to. He hit Moss in stride to set up the opening FG score (before the int) but after that, it went a bit downhill on the int which he was late delivering enabling the corner to break on the ball. Then he rebounded to run a nice two minute drill, running for some good yardage and finding his receivers on the sideline. A few of those sideline completions showed his arm strength gunning it out quick and true. The TD pass to Cooley was a great throw splitting the two defenders. Second half he made some nice throws on the Portis TD drive and overall, was effective on 3rd downs with the team going 50% for the night. The slight disappointment is he could have helped close the game early when a perfect play call set up a deep pass to Moss who was WIDE open and JC got a bit excited and badly overthrew him.

    A win on Monday Night on the road against a divisional opponent is a good step forward though. I loved how Jaws showed how he is doing a better job looking over the field and getting DB's to respect all the routes rather than zeroing in on one guy.

    Running Backs: Injuries to the right side of the line affected the run blocking some but Portis had a few nice runs and on a pass attempt, was smart enough to see it wasn't there and took off for a decent gain. His TD run seen a good block by Sellers but Portis also did a nice job shaking off a would be tackle. Betts wasn't really effective on the ground but had one nice play on a screen pass to help set up a score. Sellers was his usual self, pretty effective blocking and some short yardage runs to convert a couple of short yardage situations, he did have a motion pen though.

    Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Some big plays, some drops too. Cooley had a couple including the one mentioned earlier and Yoder also dropped a pass but made up for that with a key 3rd down completion where he ended up banging into Dawkins who went out injured. Yoder did have a false start against him though. Cooley made up for his drop on the TD reception which was a good throw but a great catch too. Randle El made a couple of nice catches including one over the middle that was a little behind him, he also had a key catch on the drive to end the first half but not getting out of bounds is frustrating and could so nearly have been costly. Moss made some big plays too but did again have a couple of drops. If only JC had hit him near the end...... Brandon Lloyd got one throw his way but was rarely sighted otherwise.

    Offensive Line: Considering the situation, a pretty good night for this unit. Randy Thomas went out with a bicep injury and if it's a tear, he could be done for the year which would be a massive blow. Game play wise, run blocking wasn't great, they were more effective to the left than the right where Jason Fabini replaced Thomas. They held up in pass protection a whole lot better though, Todd Wade kept Kearse quiet all night and Campbell was only sacked once but the majority o his passes, he had time. Fabini did nearly single handedly cost the Skins near half time as he tried to take them out of field goal range with a series of false starts.

    Defensive Line: I've said it before, I'll say it again, a much better unit when Griffin is involved. Still not getting great pressure but did enough although the Eagles did find some running room. I do think that it was slightly tactical in that Williams was crowding and then backing off the back seven from the LOS at times creating lots of room for the Philly backs and I think Williams was convinced Philly would not grind the ball......he was right.

    Linebackers: An excellent showing from all 3 starters. Washington had a sack and got some pressure rushing from end. He was more active this week after looking a bit tentative last week. Rocky McIntosh is off to a fantastic start to the season, active, mobile, just everywhere and showing some good pass rushing/blitzing skills. Fletcher gets from sideline to sideline and through trash well.

    Secondary: Best unit of the night. Tackled well, hit receivers, played press coverage well and reduced McNabb's options. Rogers had his best game in a while and Springs was solid but not sure why he went out in the second half? No injury was reported and I wonder if there is more to his disagreements with the coaching staff than is being let on. Sean Taylor may have appeared quiet (apart from nearly taking Reggie Brown's head off) but I think that was because he was doing such a good job taking away the deep middle which seen nothing come its way nearly all night. Landry missed a tackle badly on Westbrook in the first half (great move though) and he dropped a potentially game sealing int but he also made the key hit on the last Eagles play and was active near the LOS at times, including getting in on a sack. PP and Leigh Torrence also seen plenty of playing time and appeared to be competent.

    Special Teams: Suisham is hitting everything right down the middle at the moment although a couple of his KO's were not too deep. Frost punted really well, had a couple downed inside the 20. Randle El muffed a punt but manged to recover. Rock was ok on KO's but Mike Carlson made a great point about how if the KO is short and he has to change direction, he loses all his speed. Coverage teams were pretty good.

    Coaching: Gregg Williams gets a lot of credit. He seen what the Packers had done to Philly and took that as a blueprint to keep McNabb in check. He played off between the 20's but was aggressive in the red zone and it paid off. Al Saunders called a decent game and the PA pass that Campbell missed Moss on was a great call, just poorly executed. A bit of a folly towards half time when they failed to get the play in and it cost the team 5 yards which then threatened to keep going backwards but otherwise, a decent night with a good plan.
  9. HailttRedskins

    HailttRedskins I Still Say Redskins

    I agree Chris, very well put.
  10. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    you guys really need to realize this was no great victory or gameplan. out coaching reid is not that hard to do.

    but congrats anyway.
  11. HailttRedskins

    HailttRedskins I Still Say Redskins

    No great victory?

    No great game plan?

    Hmmm, 14 seconds we nail a touchdown, we had Cooley open down field, he just happened to drop it, we had Moss burn you once, and another time, which unfortunately was over thrown.

    and no great victory? If you're talking point spread, we scored 8 points, which isn't a lot, but when the whole damn country thought you were going to win by 7, it is to me.

    And how can you say beating your rival, at their home, on Monday Night Football isn't a great victory?

    Were 1-0 in the division now thanks to your team, and hopefully will be 2-0 come Sunday.

    Just hope your team is ready for the time they come here 91,000+ screaming at the top of their lungs.

    This was the second game of the year, do you honestly think we're going to open up our playbook that big when what we were doing was killing you?
  12. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    ummm, mcnabb missed open recievers all freaking night long. coulda, shoulda, woulda

    because it was not a hard thing to do sushine. we've been doing it to the skins at fed ex for a longtime now.


    really ? cool, because you fans have been no shows for some time now and we have taken that place over reguarlly. i have been there to see it.

    yeah because no coach opens the play book until game 8 right ?

    listen junior, you completley missed the point of my post eventhough i explained it at the end. here i'll post that part again for you.

    out coaching reid is not that hard to do.

    i wasn't trying to insult your team, i was ripping my own coach.
  13. HailttRedskins

    HailttRedskins I Still Say Redskins

    Really? Our stadium wasn't backed last year, but I was there, a fair amount of us were there, and 2005, that stadium was 98% Redskin fans, you must have missed that year though.

    Of course they don't, my whole point is, if you're beating a team, why keep using new plays when you can save it for next weeks game when that team doesn't know what you're doing.

    I know you weren't, but I was just explaining myself more to you, your team still sucks :icon_cheesygrin:
  14. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    actually, that was a year i missed. man, i didn't know i had such influence. :icon_confused:

    oh like how westbrook was averaging 5.7yrds a carry but reid elected to keep passing eventhough our qb is obviously no where close to being ready to play again. :icon_frown:

  15. HailttRedskins

    HailttRedskins I Still Say Redskins

    LOL, yeah Westbrook was doing well, but I think if they started running more, we would have brought in a blitz here and there.

    Still an excellent game though.
  16. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    that's when you use play action. of course my coach thought he would out think greg williams by sticking with the pass because there was no way williams would think we'd keep going to the air after it failed time after time. :icon_frown:

    yeah, excellent game for you maybe - :glare:
  17. HailttRedskins

    HailttRedskins I Still Say Redskins

    Well look at it this way, it's the beginning of the season, you can still turn around.
  18. frost

    frost Irreverent Bastard

    :icon_lol: What and not watch the TV?
  19. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    Obviously, disappointed not only to lose the game but the nature it was lost. Losing leads was a problem last year and has reared it's ugly head again after hanging on last week versus the Eagles. I hate the fact the Skins go into the bye off a lose last this and hope the team can let it go quickly not allowing it to fester. Although the Skins led early, I don't think they ever looked comfortable and weren't good value for their lead at half time as the Giants were killing themselves rather than dominating.

    Jason Campbell: Probably his worst game as a pro. He was lucky not to have two passes picked off early but did settle down a little to lead a couple of early drives for a missed FG and later on, a TD that included a nice deep pass to Moss and a good job of hitting Cooley on a 3rd down and for the TD. After that, it went downhill, hardly having the ball in the 2nd half and going 3 and out too often keeping the D on the field. He looked flustered under pressure, made some bad decisions running the ball, coughed it up off a sack costing the Skins a shot at going for it on 4th down having to punt and let the Giants to run clock off and on the exchange fumble to Portis, I have to put that on him. He made some poor decisions on the last drive wasting two downs to clock the ball and although he overcome that with a couple of clutch passes to Moss and Randle El, he then made a mess of the 4th and goal play, rushing the team and while I never liked the play call, the fact the whole team was rushed to the LOS may have played a part in that plays lack of success.

    Running Backs: A bright start that went downhill fast as the Giants got aggressive and dropped a few plays for losses. A lot of runs outside and not much banging it up the middle. Portis made a nice play on a dump of passes but after the opening TD, the running game slowly faded away and played it's part in the lack of being able to keep the ball in the 2nd half. Sellers missed a couple of blocks or didn't do a great job of maintaining contact as well as dropping a couple of passes. Portis' block on Pierce on a blitz was a thing of beauty though.

    Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: A couple of drops again but a couple of big plays too, in general, they were as one would have hoped against a Giants secondary that was supposedly struggling. Moss caught the long pass and came up big near the end of the game. Randle El was unheard of until the 4th quarter and Brandon Lloyd looks like he hardly plays now as Thrash was in on some three receiver sets. Cooley got involved early and had a nice TD catch but disappeared after that and was being used to help block (or in some cases, to block one on one) Micheal Strahan which was a mis-match.

    Offensive Line: Is it the injuries to the right side or is there just a refusal on the coaches part to run right? A solid start pass pro wise and the right side handed Strahan well but when the Giants could tee off, they got much better pressure and the blitz was also effective a couple of times. Rabach had two costly pens on the last drive although the false start looked BS to me). Kendall and Samuels did well early on, Kendall doing a nice job on Portis' long pass and run down the left side and Samuels on one play near absorbed Gibril Wilson. Ultimately, when the game was on the line though, the left side didn't get it done.

    Defensive Line: While the Giants ran the ball effectively, I felt the DL had it's best game of the season. Carter had a sack and fumble to set up the first TD, Griff got pressure a few times, Montgomery got nice pressure that effected Manning's throw on the Taylor int, Evans did a nice job on the Fletcher int where he dropped back into coverage and Daniels knocked done two passes. The Giants did ind some running lanes and got some push but I felt the job sweeping up behind the line was poor.

    Linebackers: Which brings me to the linebackers who had a poor game. London Fletcher had some big plays, a fumble recovery, a sack and a int but McIntosh was exposed in coverage against Shockley, Washington was barely seen and I think he was out for some of the second half while HB Blades took some plays (he had one nice tackle). Too many broken or missed tackles for my liking and allowing receivers to find soft spots in the zone all too easy so after two good games to start, this crew did not play well.

    Secondary: I felt Sean Taylor had another good game and he is being less dynamic and just doing a solid job of not letting stuff over the top as shown by his int (although the pressure helped). Landry missed a couple of tackles and was generally quiet. Carlos Rogers made a mess of the Burress TD, had he been more aggressive he might have made a play on the ball before it got to Burress but he hesitated. Springs got worked by Burress a bit on the outside.

    Special Teams: Apart from Suisham's early miss, a good game. Randle El gave them a chance with a late punt return (although he follows the block by Rogers, he gets another 10 yards). Rock had some solid kick-off returns. Coverage was generally good, better on punts as one KO return came back near to half way. Frost punted well although they near allowed Tyree to block on.

    Coaching: While the D didn't play great, they did make the Giants work for their TD's, they got some pressure and made turnovers so I am reluctant to put this loss on their doorstep. The offense did nothing second half until near the death and even then, didn't get the job down. They let the D stay on the field far too long second half.

    Going against a team struggling on D, the Redskins hardly attacked deep and got predictable and easy to stop in the second half. They have to take responsibility near the end for not getting it into Campbell to slow down and I felt a run pass option had to be the call on the 4th down. Generally, they got out coached.
  20. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    After a tough loss before the bye, it was vital the Redskins got back on track at home versus a conference rival. Thankfully, it still appears there is an embargo on Detroit's mojo entering the Washington (or thereabouts) area. Honestly, if the redskins could have done a better job recovering fumbles and not trying to fumble away scoring chances themselves, this could have been closer to 50+ to 3.

    Jason Campbell: I said after the Giants loss that Campbell had his worst performance as a pro. He rebounded just as you would want him to with his best performance as a pro. He didn't really hit anything deep but his short passing was much improved and that accuracy helped on key third downs early in the game. On the TD pass to Sellers he did a nice job of keeping the play alive and letting Sellers find a open spot. Career highs in completions and yardage for JC.

    Running Back: Portis had a slow start and it looked like his knee flared up again but he came back. He got better as the game went on and made a nice play receiving for a first down and he also showed again why he's a top pass blocker doing a couple of nice blitz pick-ups. His fumble in the 4th quarter was a bit disappointing but at least it was not too costly. Betts featured early when Portis went out but didn't do a lot. The real star of the show was Mike Sellers, who had a TD run, a nice run late in the game running over people and some key catches, including a TD catch. This man is tough to bring down and lays out the punishment to tacklers. I'm usually not too bother by pro bowl recognition but I hope Sellers gets a look at the NFC Pro Bowl FB spot.

    Wide Receivers/Tight End: With Moss out, Randle El stepped up and had 7 catches for 100 yards in the first half before leaving with a hamstring pull which I hope is not too serious. When he went out, the Skins still used their receivers though and Keenan McCardell made two nice catches. He was drafted by the Skins originally in 1991 so 16 years to make your first catch is possibly some kind of record. James Thrash featured too but JC couldn't hit him in bounds a couple of times. Brandon Lloyd actually caught a pass and even broke a tackle on this one play! When it's your day, it's your day! Cooley as usually was a threat near the red zone and you know JC looks his way in those situations. A TD and a 2pt conversion were the results.

    Offensive Line: A pretty good day and the right side looked a lot better in the run game after being ineffective with the changes made due to injuries in the previous games. Rabach messed up a snap early to cost a field goal chance at least and Samuels got beat badly once by Edwards although his hurdle and then block on a Portis run to the left was impressive! Overall, a solid day as they ground down the Lions and kept Campbell clean.

    Defensive Line: One of their best performances of recent times although I suspect the Lions OL is, well, er, crap! Backus got abused by Andre Carter, Griffin got inside nicely a few times and Phillip Daniels made some nie plays early on. The Lions did run the ball better the second half, taking advantage of the DL playing the tackles extremely wide (4 and 5 technique!) as they looked to tee off and rush but Williams did adjust and start running some stunts. Demetric Evans made a nice sack where he showed good hustle, circling right round to shoe lace tackle Kitna.

    Linebackers: The Skins played a lot of nickel so the linebackers didn't feature too heavily but McIntosh was showing his usual all action skills and was unlucky not to recover a fumble (ruled OFB by the officials). Fletcher was solid organizing and Marcus Washington got some good pressure before going out injured although he gave up a 15 yard penalty when sacking Kitna for a face mask although I don't think he could really help it. Randall Godrey came in for him but wasn't overly stretched.

    Secondary: I can't figure out this unit, crap versus the Phins, good versus the Eagles, crap versus the Giants, good versus the next week they should be crap! Solid tackling and some nice plays on the ball by Rogers, Landry and Taylor although Taylor got called for PI once. His int was easy, could have fair caught it and Rogers was a nice break on the ball but by then, the Lions were chasing and had to take chances. Very physical game from all concerned as they regularly hit Lions receivers hard after or while making the catch.

    Special Teams: Frost had a great game punting, constantly nailing the Lions back inside their 20. Thrash took over for ARE in the return game and the man who usually fair catches everything broke one to set up the Sellers TD although he did fumble it (great play by Leaman to punch it out from behind) but as usual, Rock showed great hustle to recover the ball. Coverage teams were generally tight although the Lions got one half decent return. Susiham missed a 48 yarder, nailed a chip shot and did a better job of getting his kick-offs deep, getting two touchbacks.

    Coaching: Gregg Williams gets an A+ for his game, he called a perfect game against a high scoring offense and won the battle with Martz. He let the front four do the rushing and kept seven back, not being tempted to blitz once it was clear the DL could get the pressure required. i don't think I seen a single blitz all game! Offensively, it was better although in short yardage, this team is borderline pathetic as they always go for the safe call and too often it fails. Barring the play to ARE to set up sellers TD, in situations like 2nd and 1, a perfect down to attack and the Redskins are so predictable. Although they made a mess of the first direct snap, I liked the idea and I also liked the trust they showed in Campbell, even with a lead where they showed trust to let him make some plays.