The Seahawks kill grandmothers!

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    So a friend of mine here in Oregon grew up, and most of his family still lives in...crap I forget...some town in WA near Seattle, and they're legit dyed in the wool Seahawk fans, no bandwagoners. I've seen pics of the whole fam back in the 80's geared up in the old school silver blue and green outside the Kingdome. Anyway, they had a big family gathering to watch the big game at Grandmas house, and Grandma lost her shirt freaking out on the last play, stroked out, and died. Just like that.

    Just another reason to hate these assholes, they kill sweet old ladies who have loved them for decades.
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    Seriously? They should sue Pete
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    So they passed away more than just the game.
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    Dangeruss threw the pick tho...
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    wow!!! that is some crazy shirt!!!
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    This is just like that pic of the obit I posted in the NFL meme thread lol
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