Titans Could Swap RB LenDale White For Antonio Cromartie?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans' started by SRW, Feb 22, 2010.

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    There have been some whispers that the Chargers and Titans could be potential trade partners this offseason. San Diego is looking for a running back and has been dangling cornerback Antonio Cromartie. ESPN suggests that the Chargers could deal Cromartie to Tennessee for LenDale White, who has become expendable with the emergence of Chris Johnson.

    Source: RealGM.com
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  2. Bulluck53

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    Id love it. Huge upgrade over Nick Harper. I would imagine it'd cost us more than LenDale, though.
  3. y2kbug

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    This situation would look like both teams would win since chargers just let go of LT and Titans really have needed a WR for a very long time so it only seems logical that they make the deal very soon.
  4. Squibby

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    That would be a major upgrade for the Titans. Having Cro and Finnegan would be great. BUT...and it is a very big but...the Titans have struggled in getting pressure on the QB. You can have all-pro at every secondary position but if you can't get any pressure on the QB it wouldn't matter.