Titans RB Chris Johnson Aiming For The Rushing Record In 2010

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans' started by BigBlueBruiser, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Titans running back Chris Johnson knew he'd be in his second straight Pro Bowl, because he knew he would rush for 2,000 yards. Johnson did much more by breaking Marshall Faulk's yards from scrimmage record this season with 2,509 yards. Johnson said that he's aiming for 2,106 yards next season and Eric twinkyerson's record.

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    Two 2,000 yard seasons in a row?

  3. Bulluck53

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    Unlikely? Almost impossible...stats prove that. But everyone called him a moron for throwing out 2000 last year and he proved us all wrong. Same with finishing 10-0, and they nearly did it. We'll see.
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    I was obviously making an understatement...
  5. Jeff Fisher stated that he plans not to overuse Johnson like he did with Eddie George. The Titans will likely bring someone in from either Free Agency or the draft to help shoulder the load off of Johnson. They also plan to utilize him more in open space. I like Johnson's confidence and what he brings, but its unlikely Johnson will approach the 2,000 yard mark again because Tennessee will likely not give him that many carries to do so.
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    I don't remember people acting like that on either.
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    They still have Lendale White, unless he is on his way out.
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    I certainly accused him of being a little too confident in himself, I know others that did as well.

    Don'tKnowMe, It will be interesting to see what happens with LenDale. He was scheduled to be unrestricted but with the CBA gone he will be a RFA, so the team may slap a tender on him that no one is willing to pay.
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    Yea, that's true.

    Anyway, yea, wow, he's the best back in the league and here we are doubting him again. :icon_smile:
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    He had a great year this year. If he had another 2,000 yard rushing year that would be impressive