Titans RB Chris Johnson Says He Didn't Give Up Vs. Steelers

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  1. After the Steelers limited Titans running back Chris Johnson to just 34 yards on Sunday, some Steelers suggested Johnson got tired of being hit. Hines Ward even said Johnson "gave up.'' Johnson's response Wednesday: "I didn't give up or anything like that. They got a couple of shots on me, but I have been hit plenty more times than that. It was just a thing where we went away from the run and went with the pass to try and get back in the game." Johnson said he'd like to see Pittsburgh again: "It don't matter what they say. I know what my goal is. I know what I am trying to do. I know what kind of player I am. We took an L, and we know we are a better offense than what we showed on Sunday. I feel if we get another chance it will be a much better game.''

    Source: Nashville Tennessean
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    could of fooled me it looked like he was plenty frustrated to me!
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    What exactly would be different about it, CJ?
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    of course he's not going to admit he quit. no player would.