Todd Haley Vague On Chiefs OT Branden Albert's Status

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    Chiefs Coach Todd Haley wouldn’t be pinned down about Branden Albert’s future, other than to say it’s as a starter with the Chiefs. His comments didn’t shoot down speculation the Chiefs would find a new left tackle and move Albert to either guard, where he played in college, or right tackle. “The good thing about Branden is he’s got some versatility,†Haley said at the annual scouting combine. “He played a tough position. There were enough encouraging signs from Branden even though it was an up-and-down year … that he can play the toughest position there. But we’ll do whatever we have to to get better. Across the board on the offensive line, we have some really versatile guys, which is a plus. Brian Waters could play at a high level at center and if in a pinch we had to play him at left tackle, he’d probably be able to hold his own.â€

    Source: Kansas City Chiefs
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    He gives some pretty good hints right there. Drafting a left tackle with the #5 pick improves 3 positions on our offensive line. Waters to center, Albert to LG, and our rookie LT. It makes me feel good just even thinking about it.
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    Okung at LT.
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    Ive always considered Albert a poor mans Larry Allen, like Allen, Albert's best spot is inside were he can make a line. Unlike Allen, Albert's not an All pro LT
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