Tom Brady's Dad Says Son Is Ready To Go

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by mike oxlong, Sep 4, 2008.

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    Tom Brady Sr. called it kind of goofy when he discovered reports on the Internet yesterday stating that his son, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, had an MRI in mid-August that revealed a cracked bone in his right foot. Why so goofy? Thats not the story his son told him. All I can tell you is, to my knowledge, he doesnt have a broken foot, or a broken bone in his foot, Brady Sr. said last night. He has never told me or his mother that he has a broken foot. He said he had some stress on the bone, and he said he was doing fine and that, quite frankly, he could have played if there was any necessity to play last week.

    Boston Herald
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    His foot has been broken since 2003.
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    I wouldn't believe that he is ready to go. his dad would say he is ready to go even if he was on his way to death
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    Dude...95% of the time, you just don't make sense at all :icon_confused:

    Brady is fine. He's been on the injury report since 2000, and he hasn't missed a game since he took over Bledsoe. One would assume that everybody would get used to it at this point, but I see we don't.

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    Nope. If his dad says his foot is fine,it's fine, or he wouldn't say anything at all.
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    Belicheater is just pissed that Brady's Dad is spoiling his mind games
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    Didn't he had shoulder injuries every week over the last 3 years? :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Gee, thanks dad. Let's go play catch in the backyard.
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    Maybe ole Dad is in on them.
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