Tom Cable Sees Improvement In Raiders WR's

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    Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski misfired high, wide and low on most of his first-half throws against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday. Even so, Raiders coach Tom Cable was encouraged by the fact receivers were open on a regular basis. "When you look at it on film, it's literally a foot here, a foot there from being a heck of a throw and a great completion," Cable said Friday. "So, if you look at that, that's something that will just naturally get better and better. But that's an exciting part of our team, because you can see it coming now." Gradkowski has completed 35 of 69 passes in the two games since he replaced JaMarcus Russell as the starter which is nothing spectacular, but it's an improvement over Russell. "There were plays out there to be made early on," Gradkowski said. "We just didn't make them, and I'm disappointed in myself. I missed a couple throws early on that would have given us key first downs."

    Source: Oakland Tribune
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    I saw it too.

    DHB caught a ball in the end zone if I remember correctly.
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    Receivers get better when Russell isn't on the field - whats up with that??
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    The guy is still pretty bad he was wide open i could have caught that pbutt.
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    It was sarcasm balla.
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    tom cable is full of crap hes been saying all season long that the receivers were getting open and that they were playing well. now he saying their improving that makes no sense the only reason gradkowskis numbers are a bit better is because chaz schilens and mcfadden are back and are on the field alot more than when russell was out there. not to mention gallery. bruce and his noodle arm will never make this team better you might as well throw russell in there to earn his money this season is shot. the only reason bruce is still out there is because cable wants to save his job which is pretty much a sure thing he will be fired.