Top 10 Most Over Paid Player In The NFL

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    Not really. His contract was par with the ones handed out to the other top OG's that year, Deilman, Steinbach, and Dockery. His pay was alway's in the Top Class OG level, which is about where it should be

    Deilman: 6 years 38 million

    Steinbach: 7 years, 49.5 million

    Dockery: 7 years, 49 million

    Davis: 7 years, 49 million
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    Soon to be Darelle
  3. wonderyears

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    Kinda surprised Tommy Kelly isn't up there. 7 years 50 million.
  4. warcrychief

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    you didnt read the part that it is front loaded.

    watch and learn.

    NFL Videos: Is Cassel worth the cash?
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    It isn't fair to compare Cassell's deal to Brees', Brady's, or even Rodgers'.

    Brady signed his deal a while ago and was willing to take less to keep others.

    Brees signed after injuring his throwing shoulder.

    Rodgers didn't really prove himself yet.

    Now if any of those 3 were to sign a deal this off-season they would make significantly more. Rodgers would get something in the Eli, Rivers, Ben range. Brees and Brady probably wouldn't get deals as long but they'd get a lot more per season. Probably something between $15-20 mil per, probably closer to $20 (18?).

    So something like a 3 year $55 mil deal or 4 year $70 mil deal, unless either were willing to take less. Although I'd imagine Peyton's deal will set the market.

    Obviously Cassell was still grossly overpaid, for $10 mil per season you'd expect top 10, or at worse top 15 type QB play.
  6. warcrychief

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    The Chiefs could have gone in2 the next season, which could be uncapped. and then we would have been made 2 pay 4 him some where in the range of 15-17 million 4 1 year. so as i see this we are just under of breaking even. and sure he hasnt proven he is worth the money. but we are betting on that he will become our future QB. and if he doesnt. the next few seasons it would be better 4 us 2 cut our loses then be paying more 4 him.
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    what?!? people getting over paid for playing a game? playing football for money? to me its not the person making that money thats sooo bad its the ones willing to shell out it out....
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    Front Loaded means nothing to the yearly average. The yearly average is simply the amount divided by years. They may have paid him a lot of money up front, but that reduced the amount they could spend on above-average players that year.

    How is the deal Cassel signed after one year as a starter different to the one Rodgers signed after one year as a starter? I'm not questioning it is unfair, it's unfair to really compare Cassel to an NFL QB in any way, but I'm confused as to your logic.

    The Brees and Brady ones were just to show how much two of the best QBs in the league are paid in comparison.

    For their six year, $63 million contract they could have drafted and signed Mark Sanchez.
  9. 86WARD

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    Chris Johnson wants to be. $30-$40M guaranteed...puhleeze...
  10. warcrychief

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    We are still like over 20 million under the cap. if i remember correctly. so sighning the "above-average" player is no problem. but we are not looking 4 those guys. Pioli has a plan and its 2 build under the draft. and it was 1 year. alot of mistakes no question. but Cassel still has time 2 make you look like a fool. or me for that matter.
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    I'm gonna agree with Bob Sanders, until he stops injuring himself.