Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks

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    But they never would have been there, or even the playoffs that year without him
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    I want my 45 minutes back butthole
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    You loved it.
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    and I gave you a point that counters that lol

    by your reasons other QB's that got their teams to the Super Bowl and played better in the super bowl then Ben did in his first one, in spite of losing the super bowl didn't get rings should have gotten rings.


    Super Bowl XLII

    New York Giants 17
    New England Patriots 14

    Brady's performance

    29/48, 266 YDS, 1 TD

    Ben's performance in his first Super Bowl

    9/21, 123 YDS, 0 TD's, 2 Int's

    and the Patriots were undefeated until the Super Bowl

    and don't give me that video taping bull crap, that may have saved them a couple of games in the season I don't really care but they still played great outside of that.

    and as well in the super bowl even though they got beat. where is Brady's ring for that since he played better than Ben and got his team to the super bowl?

    TOP DAWG Pro Bowler

    I've always felt Brady's performance against the Giants in the Super Bowl was outstanding. The Giants rush severley pounded him all day, and when we needed the score at the end, he did what he does. Trouble is, the Giants came back at the very end with their own drive to win it. Even though we lost, I felt either team could have won it down to the gun. Great game.
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    my homerism at having Eli manning ranked at 7? Most people have manning at that spot on their charts, some even ranked better than 7. Please show me how that is homerism. :facepalm:

    And none of those guys on that list are Trent Dilfer types, so that negates the anyone can have a ring arguement. But I'm curious to see your answer regarding your reasoning on how that list shows my rampant homerism. Please enlighten me.
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    Eli Manning is a Trent Dilfer type
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    Bullcrap. Trent Dilfer never threw for more than 2800 yards in a season. And do you think Trent Dilfer won them that Superbowl? Screw no he didn't.

    Don't be a toolshed

    Trent Dilfer would work wonders for the Eagles, being that their best quarterback now plays in Washington DC
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    alright, gentlemen, let's keep the name-calling to the fight club.

    i think most people would put Eli in their top 10. Yes, he's surrounded by a great o-line and has a good running game to lean on, but starting late in the 2007 season, something started clicking with him and he became better at reading coverages and making plays when his team needs them. And his INT numbers this season have been inflated by several fluke plays/drops by his receivers so don't read too much into those. Dude now is a legit NFL qb and I was one of his biggest critics early on.
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    What name calling did I do? I agree Eli is better now then he was a few years ago but number 7 on any top QB list is blatant homerism.
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    I agree with your list, especially your first 3. You have Brees, Brady, and P. Manning. After that, it's a coin flip.
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    epic fail - a good leader does not get suspended because of off the field issues.
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    Eli may have had a lot of tipped passes for picks, but a lot of those were thrown bad and the receiver trying to make a play for the ball. Just sayin'.
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    Well put. Eli's Top 10. Easily the best in the NFC East. your opinion. Non-issue and yesterday's news.

    "He's a huge part of our offense. We have our leader back." - Mike Wallace.

    "As far as the teammates in locker room, that's ridiculous," Foote said. "You don't win two Super Bowls and have a winning percentage without sacrificing and giving something up. As far as a leader, game in and game out, you don't see that many quarterbacks sticking it in there and giving his body up for the team. He puts it on the line every week. Just that alone, we have respect and admiration for him."

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    I don't see curly-haired messiah anywhere in this thread :homer:
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    I would pull Matt Ryan out for McNabb. I think the body of work for McNabb speaks volumes more than what Matt has done in just 3 seasons.
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    You dont make any sense

    What does this have to do with Rothlesberger getting crucified asa QB because of one poor Super Bowl.
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    Don't you think your being a little overly dramatic Jihad.
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    I don't think anyone is anointing Roethlisberger top material based on the Super Bowl XL win...he had everything to do with getting them there. Without him, they don't make it. He had very little to do with them winning it...and no one's arguing that.