Travis Henry Asks, "Who's Your Daddy?"

Discussion in 'Denver Broncos' started by wide right, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. wide right

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    Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  2. DawkinsINT

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    Ever heard of a condom? It's nice that he gave them a going away present though.
  3. Zac

    Zac go straight to hell boy..


    he had to restructure his contract with the Bills to get money fast. Also he was accused of picking up a 15 year old girl.
  4. Bulluck53

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    Article in today's paper (Nashville) said the Titans loaned him like $9500 last year for a payment.... dumbass' contract must have gone up his nose like every other UT running back
  5. efunk_adelic

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    what a hoe
  6. Platoon 86

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    9 Children By 9
  7. BroncoBJ

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    lol damn he gets a lot of cat.
    But Condoms are cheaper then child support I think. ;)
    But then using a condom is like going to bed with your socks on.

    Poor Travis lol
  8. bandi

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    Poor Travis??? Are you kidding me?? He's a worthless POS...having 9 kids and not wanting to support any of them!! He needs to get a vasectomy or stop having s*x. What a total freaking tool.
  9. linz_renee

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    They must be gold diggers...

    they picked the right athlete though, his jizz seems to be rather potent.
  10. bandi

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    Well maybe if HE had used protection he wouldn't have his own baseball team floating around out there!
  11. Garnett

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    At some point he has to say to himself, maybe I should look into some precautions here or something.
  12. smeags

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    did he break shawn kemp's record yet ?
  13. bandi

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    That would certainly be a good idea!
  14. BATW20

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    Don't be a dummy, cum on her tummy.
  15. bizell

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    BATW20 should be BATW23. :yeahthat:`
  16. BATW20

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    the first time he averages more than 2 yards a carry for a game I'll make the switch. :lol:

    god that is a gay lol smiley.
  17. bizell

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  18. nastynate184

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    excatly what i was thinking
  19. BarlOwens

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    god**mn.....thats a lot of kids....