Trial Starts Monday In Shooting Of Ex-Jaguars OT Richard Collier

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    Prosecutors have kept under wraps their key piece of evidence against the Jacksonville man who goes on trial Monday in the 2008 shooting that left ex-Jaguar Richard Collier paralyzed and ended his NFL career. It’s a tape, secretly recorded for police, on which prosecutors maintain Tyrone Romaro Hartsfield confessed to the 2008 shooting out of revenge for a prior altercation with Collier at an Arlington nightclub. Hartsfield, in a July letter to the Times-Union, says he is wrongly accused and never confessed to shooting Collier. “All over the original recording, I plead my innocence, confessing no involvement,â€￾ he told the Times-Union. “... I never ever confessed to shooting Mr. Collier.â€￾

    Source: Florida Times-Union
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    What about disclosure?

    Don't they have to share evidence with the Defense?