Turners New Teammates Wary Of Playing With Sell-Out

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    ATLANTA--Former San Diego Chargers tailback Michael Turner signed a 6-year $34 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, leaving the Chargers in the dust so he could chase a big payday. Though his new teammates are excited about his skills on the field, theyre also wary of playing with such a shameless sell-out.

    I guess I have mixed feelings about this acquisition, said receiver Roddy White. Michael is a darn good running back, but hes also a complete sell-out. He cares more about money than he does about loyalty. He left the Chargers hanging without a shred of shame or embarrassment. I worry that next time hes a free agent, hell just go off and sign with the highest bidder. Whats the point of even having teammates if thats going to keep happening?

    Jerious Norwood, who will split time with Turner in the backfield, promised to give his new teammate a chance, despite the fact that he sold out.
    To me, everybody has a clean slate when they come here, said Norwood. Im not going to judge the guy just because he sold out. Hell, its not like he killed someone. He just trampd himself out to the highest bidder. And hes the one who has to live with that, not me. When I become a free agent Im staying right here with the team that drafted me. And if they dont want me Ill retire, in accordance with the NFL code of honor.

    Privately, many players have voiced their displeasure with the front office for stealing a player away from another team with the lure of cold, hard cash.
    I know a lot of guys are not very happy about this, said one player, who asked not to be identified. Were trying to rebuild this team and establish a sense of camaraderie, but if youre going to go out and buy a player, what kind of message are you sending? Does Michael Turner even know what it means to be a Falcon? Does he even care? Hes not going to have a lot of friends around here, that's for sure. Anybody who cares more about money than the sanctity of football has no place in an NFL locker room.

    Atlantas new coach, Mike Smith, came out in support of Turner today, claiming he has a right to do what's best for himself and his family. He also pointed out that several other players have done the same thing.
    I think its a little unfair to be criticizing Michael for doing whats best for his family, said Smith. A lot of players leave their teams to accept more money. Of course it looks bad, but its part of the game. If anything, we should be flattered that he left a beautiful city like San Diego to come to a hot, parched hell-hole like Atlanta to play for a dogcrap team like ours. And for a coach nobody's ever heard of.

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    Maybe he was sick of playing for an even bigger sellout, like Norv Turner.
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    lol, thats pathetic. Is everyone who moves to a new team a sellout then? What kind of idiot wouldn't want to go from being a backup to starting and getting a huge pay day?

    Great way to welcome a new team mate:icon_rolleyes:
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    did you guys miss the fine print where it says this is satire ?
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    This is stupid!! How is he a sell-out? He was the #2 two back in San Diego, so you telling me the man should stay a #2 back his hold career (crap I know I wouldn't) he is not wrong for leaving and going to a team that he will possibly hold the #1 spot and make more money, so if anybody say he is a sell-out they are foolish!!!
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    It's from The Brushback, guys. They're sports' version of The Onion.
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    Dude...this is a parody. :lol:
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    i think we found a couple of madden nominees for march. :icon_cool:
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    Oh yeah, I didn't look at the source before lol

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    It was posted in the smack section...hello???
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    I was shocked during the first paragraph...then continued to read on...
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    It wasn't till the second player quoted used the term sell-out that I was able to brilliantly deduce it was a farce. See ma, I'm smert!
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    Quoting Roddy White saying someone is a sellout was the first clue.
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    I only read the first bit, leave me alone :icon_cry:
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    Lol..it's all good.
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    Awesome :icon_jook:

    To be honest though I wouldn't put it past any of the Falcons players lol
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    Roddy White wore that I Love Michael Vick shirt....talk about a sell out.
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    How is he leaving San Diego in a bad way they still have LT for heck sakes. Over half the NFL would be considered sellouts, maybe they should be accusing their former teammate Hall for selling out for money. I mean he went to the Raiders who won't even make the playoffs for the next 10 years most likely!!
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