Twitterverse welcomes Johnny Manziel to the NFL… the hard way

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by SportsChump, Dec 15, 2014.

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    It was bound to happen.

    When Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine finally succumbed to the pressure of an entire city by starting rookie sensation/eventual reality television star Johnny “Football” Manziel over more proven commodity, Brian Hoyer, the internet was bound to explode.


    Tweeters were just warming up their thumbs.

    The one they call Johnny Football finally got his first start as an NFL quarterback and let’s just say it didn’t go as well as he would have liked. The Browns got shut out in their own stadium by a score of 30-0.

    I didn’t watch the game. I was busy watching my Bucs who have quarterback issues of their own. I’m sure the loss wasn’t entirely Manziel’s fault. Losses rarely are. But after the defeat, I did take to Twitter to see what the world was saying about Cleveland’s next alleged savior. Let’s just say, the Twitterverse wasn’t entirely kind.

    To the Twitter machine we go…
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    Here's some that made me laugh



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    There was one meme I liked that had a picture of him hanging his head and simply read "Johnny Sad"
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    Well that didn't take
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    I heard this one yesterday.

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    Yet this site picked him as the starter. Anyone with half a football brain new Johnny Manziel was and never could be a NFL caliber QB. Luckily I just laughed and didn't use him in my lineup. The lineups recommended on here are pure crap and although I already paid for the site I don't use them. My grand daughter could pick better. The lineup generator on here is really bad so look at it and disregard some players using your own football knowledge or better yet just do like I do and pay attention to who is hurt or due for a good game ,etc and pick like that. It works better for me than using the generator on here where you rarely break 100 pts. 100 pts will not win on fanduel or draftkings.
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    Damn....that one will leave a mark...

    Seriously, though...I'm just glad Jerry got overruled in the draft room. People have laughed at the Cowboys for long enough...
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    Ouch, no shirt. Clearance rack already?