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    I agreed to do a league with a group of guys at work and when I signed up for the league I looked at the scoring to see if it was PPR or something different from the current league I do. I noticed that the QB and WR spots seem to be valued more than RB looking at the scoring. RB's get your basic 1 pt for every 10 rush yards and 6 for a TD. QB's get your standard 1 for every 25 pass yards but get 6 for a passing TD and 1.2 a point for each completion. QB's also lose 2 points for a sack or interception. Receivers are a 1/2 point per reception. Going into this draft would it be wise to draft a QB 1st round almost regardless of draft position followed by a top receiver in the 2nd? Waiting on a RB until the 3rd round possibly the 4th? We can only Roster 3 RB's and 4 WR's with 2 starting spots for each position along with 2 WR/RB/TE flex positions.
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    Drew Brees in the first. One of the only times I will ever suggest a QB in the first rounds is a completion point league. There was a girl in our league that had this setting last year with Manning, her team sucked, sans Manning. He single handedly carried her team. RB's and WR's have about the same values as any other PPR league.

    In the last 4 years Brees has only had below 20 receptions once. He averages nearly 40-45 attempts per game. Saints often use screens as their running game as well.
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    So I wouldn't be crazy for valuing a top QB in the first round of the draft if not Calvin Johnson or Jimmy Graham were what I was thinking. Also, I noticed that every 25 punt return yards get a point, does this put a little more emphasis on drafting a quality D or a WR who routinely returns punts?
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    Wait for @Kurt and @Greg Brosh to reply. But In my league the top QBs were difference makers in a completion league.

    Manning 1049, Brees 973, Ryan 776, Rivers 763, Stafford 754
    Chalres 386, Forte 351, Mccoy 346, Moreno 284, Lynch 266
    Gordon 256, D Thomas 340, Green 340, C Johnson 336

    the numbers are more inflated because there were a lot of bonus points, 40/50+ yard scores and such. But it was 1 pt per completion and ppr.
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    Thank you.
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    punter returners will bring value if you're weak at WR and PR's really won't be identified until week 1 - plan to draft a solid stock of WR during the draft and you won't have to worry about the PR gems.

    1.2 a points for each completion is INSANE QB VALUE and will pay dividends to the top QB - Go with a top rated QB in the first, hands down! Unfortunately if you dont have a top 5 pick I don't see you getting one, unless the other guys in the league just are not paying attention to scoring..

    Are you already in the league? If it's a yahoo, epsn, etc league ONLINE then you'll have access to past draft history.. would be nice to know that to game plan.

    Plenty of RB should be around in rounds 4-5-6 - I would go QB WR WR RB RB RB WR/TE in this league. Your third RB might be tough.. play that pick by ear as you could find another of value even later and use that 6th pick on someone better, maybe TE

    Late round gems at WR will help you - look for Justin Hunter (10th round) , Kevin Benjamin 8th round
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    I just realized my stupidity/typo, it's 1/2 a point per completion. I can't believe I screwed that up. I'm sure the value of having a top QB in the league doesn't diminish that much though right?
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    A little, but not a whole lot since it's only .7 of a percent.