Viking Offensive Players Have No Respect For Brad Childress

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by Sweets, Aug 19, 2010.

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    According to Jason Cole of YahooSports, one of the biggest issues playing out behind the scenes in Minnesota is that many players, particularly on offense, have no respect for Childress. Among those players is Favre, who officially returned to the team Wednesday. According to multiple team sources, Favre's disdain for Childress is deep. "Brett thinks Childress has no clue about offense," a Vikings player said. The heart of the conflict is Childress' perceived lack of football savvy. Some players believe that most of the offensive coaching staff is made up of yes-men like offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Furthermore, Childress is the type who doesn't take outside ideas very well. "He has his way of doing things and that's it," a player said.

    Source: Yahoo!Sports
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  2. Brendan

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    I don't know how to feel about this as a Vikings fan.

    I'm a big fan of Brad Childress. His first season he won 6 games. Second season he won 8. Third season he won 10. Last season he won 12. So he obviously knows what this team needs to win as he has improved this team to a winning organization.

    However, if you don't have the respect of your team it's hard to be a head coach. I think that Childress has maybe cared a little more about winning then being a respected head coach. The way that he has handled the Favre situation I don't quite agree with 100%. We'll see what happens next year, but I don't see how they can keep him if he isn't respected.
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    LOL now this is getting interesting...."on the next as the world turns, the players dont respect brad childress."
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    Brett Favre's presence screwing up a locker room? Unbelievable :asswich:
  5. Brendan

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    Didn't read where it said Favre's presence was messing up a locker room :shrug:
  6. ragman

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    It's hard for a team to have respect for a coach who lets his starting QB set his own schedule as regards to training camp, while the rest of the team is at training camp.

    When you do that, it's as if the inmates are in charge of the asylum.
  7. PurplePeopleEaters

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    Favre is a veteran. Veterans are treated totally different than other players. It happens on every team. Torry Holt when with the Rams, Hines Ward on the Steelers, Tony Gonzalez with the Falcons, Andy Reid's 30-rule. The list goes on.

    Players get special treatment all over the league and most times its well deserved.
  8. Brendan

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    What's the difference between what Favre is doing, and what Darrelle Revis is doing?
  9. mj1987us26

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    Revis is doing it for more money, Favre is doing it because he doesn't like OTAs and training camps.

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    Special treatments are one thing, but putting an entire team on hold because you don't like OTAs and training camps is too much. Not to mention the whole Favre situation has stopped the Vikings from getting a QB of the future because they are worried about pissing off Favre.
  10. PurplePeopleEaters

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    Revis has been in the league 2 days. Favre has been in the league a little longer. Veterans get special treatment. Deal.
  11. ragman

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    Exactly. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  12. smeags

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    lolz at defending favre's diva antics as "special treatment like many other players get"

    oh my freaking god that is funnnaay
  13. ragman

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    What's going on here? Smeagle and I are actually agreeing on something.
  14. K Train

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    he sold his soul to brett favre, cant really blame them.

    favre didnt want to go through TC just like strahan didnt his last year, deep down we all knew that lol
  15. smeags

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    do you find yourself needing a two hour shower ?
  16. bigsexyy81

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    As much as we can dog Childress out for selling his soul to Favre, the entire team did. Hutch, Allen, and Longwell all flew over to give Favre verbal blow jobs to come back.

    The entire team has basically said 'we're okay with you doing whatever you have to do because we know we won't win without you'.

    If I'm 40 and could pull this crap off, all while having a few million extra bucks thrown my BEST believe I'm taking advantage, too.
  17. 86WARD

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    The Vikings know what they're in for with Favre. He's majestic on field. Off field he's a drama queen surrounded by story lines and controversy. The Vikings knew this. I think they knew he was coming back. Look at the evidence. It probably went something like if my ankle feels fine I'll be back. Hows the ankle feel Brett? Fine.

    Should Favre have outright skipped everything? No. But he's selfish and the Vikings know this. The reward he can bring him is worth the headache...or is it? Time will tell.
  18. 86WARD

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    btw - give me names. none of this unnamed player bullcrap.
  19. phiglesphan

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    Did you really just say he's majestic?
  20. Brendan

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    Revis is a player that has been in the league for three seasons. He had one very good season and is holding out because the contract that he signed isn't paying him enough.

    Brett Favre is a player that has been in the league for twenty seasons. He is one of the greatest QB's of all time and is not going to training camp so his body will be healthy enough to play a full season.

    Your actually saying that Favre is more obligated to be in training camp then Revis? THAT is funny.

    I don't consider it special treatment. I consider it a twenty year veteran doing what he has to do to get through a full season.