Vikings QB Brett Favre Joins Vikings, Tells Teammates "Yes"

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by 86WARD, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Brett Favre is back in the building. The 40-year-old quarterback returned to Minnesota on Tuesday, arriving in a private jet trimmed in the Vikings' purple and gold with three teammates -- guard Steve Hutchinson, defensive end Jared Allen and place-kicker Ryan Longwell -- who were sent to Hattiesburg, Miss., to bring him back for one more shot at a Super Bowl. Longwell told ESPN's Rachel Nichols in a text message that Favre told the three he would play for the Vikings this season. "We simply went down there to get an answer and after talking for a while, his answer was 'yes,'" Longwell said in the message. "He loves the guys in the locker room and is doing it for all of us." This time around, Favre got a ride to Vikings headquarters from Longwell -- last year, when he joined Minnesota, head coach Brad Childress was at the wheel. Longwell's black BMW SUV was followed by three helicopters from local television stations and pulled into Vikings headquarters as dozens of fans cheered and photographers snapped pictures. At one point, Favre waved to the media and fans. "Circus in Winter Park," tight end Visanthe Shiancoe tweeted.

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    I freaking knew it! I knew he couldn't stay gone.
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    might as well make this a new smilie......[​IMG]
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    What a freaking media tramp. I hope he falls down a well and slowly dies of thirst.
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    Hutchinson to 'guard' the door while Allen holds Favre down so Longwell can kick him in the nuts. :icon_smile:

    Best offensive play the Vikes have run in years...
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    Was only a matter of time. We all knew he was coming back!
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    and oc for the love of the game and, most important, for his ego...
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    I thought this might bring herm out of hiding.
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    I knew he was coming back...ravensfan52 predicted it a long time ago!
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    Actually...not a surprise at all. It was clear all along that Favre was not leaving football or the Vikings this season. Minnesota had ample opportunity to replace him with McNabb, Klausen, Bulger...whomever and they opted not to. If Minnesota were smart they would've hedged their bets by signing a Marc Bulger just in case Favre went off the deep end on them but seeing how they hid all this information, it would shock me more than not if they truly didn't know what Favre was doing. More recently, Harvis reports, Rice know Favre's not far behind. All signs point to YES. They knew the whole time as should've anyone that is shocked by this.
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    If there is anyone that believed he was done for good when the rumors came out a couple weeks ago, then you have been living in a whole for the previous four seasons.
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    seems like 6 years in a row he hasnt let me down
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    not a huge surprise here. I was kinda expecting him to come back. But then again I wasnt gonna be surprised if he stayed retired
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    i hope , somebody will knock him out ...
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    Love it! Except for the Vikings being in the NFC and the Cowboys playing them this it!