Vikings QB Brett Favre To Announce His Retirement

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by SRW, Aug 3, 2010.

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    ok again what is the difference between this team and the team in 2008 that won the division?
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    True story.
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    Did you not read?
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    O but ESPN was very watchable when tracy porter and drews brees rods was in everyones mouth???...and still is actually.

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    correction...Drew Brees
  5. Inclulbus

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    After the super bowl, and the Sports Illustrated commercial came on, congratulating Saints fans, they had just won the super bowl... CBS Was un-watchable. Felt like I had been puked on, hahaa :)

    The difference between this team and the 2008 vikings team that made the playoffs.. it took a great ending to the season to make the playoffs that year, after a 5-5 start. This time the Packers are not going to go 6-10, and the Bears should be better, and I would say the Lions aren't going to go 0-16 again.. so your division is stronger, and you had people knowing they was coming to play at the beginning of the season at QB, instead of dudes whos mind set has been oh this is brett's team.
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    This sucks, I could have played the Favre drinking game but I have work.
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    it's called being the SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS
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    BTW....i don't believe for a second he's not coming back.

    when he's not on the field sept 9th....i'll believe it
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    lol it doesnt really matter to the saints anyway...a W is comin ya way either way it goes...and i dont remember seeing all this when the Steelers where the SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS.
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    actually it does matter to a lot of saints fans.....we want him behind center sept 9th at 100% so we can settle or lose

    we didn't see it from them because they need a dump truck to haul around all there Lombardi' is our first
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    I bet they wouldnt have been talking about the vikings this much if they would have won...and i would b willing to put my life on it. The world is just a big ball of saints fans lol. But you guys had him at 100% and beat him..nothing else to prove. Now if the refs arent on the payroll and he doesnt get hit dirty and you win, then we can say everything was even and you guys are better, but i think the saints are better anyway.
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    This ain't over yet!!!!!! WHwoOT WhOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :headspin:
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    if he comes back there is no way he will do as good as last time...for brett i think that was the best he can do, so if he does come back he is gonna be hurt so idk if i want him to come back, only for madden really. Shoulda picked up Mcnabb...darn
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    I'd like to know the real source for this. Ryan Longwell talked to Favre this morning and he didn't say anything. Childress claims Favre hasn't said anything to him.
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    Eight pages? Seriously?

    This is the exact reason this drama queen drags this crap out every year, because everyone makes such a freaking spectacle out of it.
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    When a player of Favre's caliber retires it is a spectacle. No matter how many times the boy cries wolf.
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  18. ollysj

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    There is still plenty of time to re-retire before the season starts
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    WEeeeeeeeeeeeEEEeeeeEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *goes streaking through the thread* :moe:
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    Favre should have had an hour long show on ESPN in which he'd tell us he's retiring. Somewhere, Lebron is thanking 6 pound, 8 ounce baby Jesus.

    But onto football. I wouldn't be shocked to see him either stay retired or un-retire. It is kind of fishy that the coach and fellow players didn't hear anything from him about it. You do have to admit though, it is INCREDIBLY annoying how all this is happening and it has to have some sort of tarnish on his squeaky clean legacy. He's hecked over 2 teams and now looks to add a 3rd if this is true.