Vikings QB Brett Favre To Announce His Retirement

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by SRW, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Maybe this was a press move on Brett's behalf. What fans think is MEGA huge to him and after ditching the Pack and the Jets, maybe he finally understands that if he stiffs the Vikings this late and screwing them, his name will actually be crap on and his haters will FAR outweigh his supporters. Maybe he wanted to see what everyone said.

    Or maybe someone thought it'd be funny to leak this out and watch the world burn. My guess is Lebron stole/hacked his cell phone!
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    BRETT FAVRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network on Tuesday afternoon: "I still do not believe Brett Favre has thrown his last NFL pbutt."
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    Someone wake me up when he really does retire. :icon_eek:
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    It's anyone's guess right now. Half will be right and half wrong.
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    You might need a cryogenic freezer
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    RIIC :Loco:

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    How could it be 50/50 when 99% of the world still knows he's coming back.
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    Because when/if he retires half of the people will say "see I knew it" even if they are full of crap.
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    Posts like this are why you have me feeling like a stalker with your posts.

    'course that & that 2 girls/1 cone BS.

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    Good answer, but that's not how you meant it.

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    i never said i didn't care......i get great lol's watching one person string along an entire organization and it's fans
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    ooooh boy!!! here comes another Brett Favre cryfewst for the third time.
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    Brett Favre to announce his retirement. Yet the team knows nothing, fellow players no nothing, the head coach knows

    If he does wind up "retiring," I can't really feel bad for the Vikings as an organization. They had plenty of opportunities to "hedge their bets." Plenty of opportunities...
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    wow after all that time the the vikings waited thats hecked up
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    lol to all you who think it's over

    A "family source" tells the Biloxi (MS) Sun Herald that Brett Favre has not decided whether to play football in 2010. The report comes from the Herald's Al Jones, who often breaks the most crucial Favre news. "Brett has not made a commitment to play or a decision to return at this point," said the source, presumably a close family member.
  19. already posted man but you make a good point haha.