Vikings QB Brett Favre To Announce His Retirement

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by SRW, Aug 3, 2010.

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    the world is not a big ball of saints fans lol

    and don't give me one second you don't believe that if you guys won it last year you wouldn't see the same thing

    after all Favre the Prima Donna was the QB at the time and you know all the Favre drama that goes on even when he didn't win the Super bowl, imagine if he did win it lol
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    I was an instant Saints fan, resplendent with party beads, till the trophy hand-off. :icon_smile:

    I'm a Bears fan. Closest thing I could come to sniffin' the Lombardi Trophy...
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  6. Favre earned $12 Million last season.

    $16 Million would be the base and should increase higher with incentives. Not sure if that'll bring it over the top but it may be enough for Favre to listen.

    But that all hinges after Favre's followup visit with Dr. James Andrews regarding his ankle.
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    don't the Bears have a lombardi already
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    Yes...25 years ago.

    Doesn't make me look forward to a season knowing we solved the riddle back then...

    By the old are you, if you don't mind me asking?
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    don't mind at all

    I'm at a ripe old age of 31
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    Thanks for not taking offense. :icon_smile:

    I thought about it afterwords & thought the question might be 'leading' in a derogatory sense.

    POV was that the longer the wait, the more you might live vicariously thru an 'adopted' that may come close to the struggles you might find endearing.

    That's all...
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    I get it you seen the underdog story of a team that went through so many horrible seasons and let downs like the Aints um I mean Saints, so you felt for them and liked that they won the Super Bowl

    but you got me where as I'm just wanting my team to win it all. and can't wait for it to happen (hopefully in my lifetime) lol I watched them in the Super bowl to fall short going up against a Young Joe Montana, but that's as close as I got.

    I did root for the Saints to win the super bowl due to the only other option was the colts and they already won one so I was going for the team that hasn't won one.

    see as I saw it as the only teams that were worth anything to win the Super Bowl on the AFC Side were the Chargers, Colts or Bengals

    Jets were on one hell of a luck streak to even get to the AFC Championship game. Ravens proved how lucky they got once they ran into a brick wall known as the Colts after getting by an Injured Patriots team.
    Patriots well they were injured, Chargers and Bengals both had Kickers that failed when it counted, as for the AFC side I was hoping My Bengals of course but if not them the Chargers, but at least it wasn't the Ravens or Jets in the Super Bowl

    as for the NFC side there was three teams I was going for to be in the Super Bowl, Eagles, Saints or Packers

    so in other words yeah I was going for the Saints
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    Yea, it doesn't make us bandwagoners as much as it makes us football fans.

    Once our teams are out of it, we really don't care if the league burns...:icon_smile:

    But for the love of football, we 'adopt' a lesser evil, so to speak.

    Hopefully you find that 'year' that makes it all worthwhile. 'course, it's a fleeting feeling that makes you yearn for more, I'm afraid...
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    topic guys.
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    1 highball too much.
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    I forgot what it was about sorry *hello*
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    what he said
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    I was enjoying their discussion...

    Anyway, back on topic...

    BREttFAsvre aabdrwat favaradbreatt farve!!!!!!! :moe:
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    IMO, Vikings head coach Brad Childress should have called Brett in the spring and asked him what he intended to do. Then, if Brett had told him he planned to retire, the Vikings could have gone into the FA market, and they would have been in a far better position than they are now.

    But, I guess that's too simple.
  19. They aren't in too bad of a situation if Favre doesn't come back. They can always hand off the ball A TON.