Vikings WR Percy Harvin Out Indefinitely

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    Percy Harvin's migraines were so bad that he missed the entire week of practice for the Minnesota Vikings and wasn't at the Metrodome for Sunday's victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. It's a concern for the team as Harvin has missed practice at least three other times this season because of the paralyzing headaches he's gotten periodically since he was 10. "That's a thing that none of us have a great feel for," coach Brad Childress said. "They are so wide-ranging and people report different things. It's different for different people. As coaches you want to put it in a box. 'What is it? It's a fractured femur. Well, how long is that?' We will get up to speed as we go through next week and he will work as hard as anything." At this point, the team's leading receiver is out indefinitely as no one can say when he will feel up to returning.

    Source: National Football Post
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    He really is a big part of that offense, he brings plenty of playmaking ability, not to mention his importance in the return game.
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    this suckis for my FF playoffs but they need to make sure he's healthy for the playoffs ..................
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    This just sucks all around.