'Walking Dead' creator Frank Darabont, CAA sue AMC over profit.

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  1. Omen

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    Frank Darabont, creator of "The Walking Dead" television series, and Creative Artists Agency are suing AMC Networks Inc. over profit from the hit cable show.

    Darabont, who developed the series with CAA and delivered it to AMC in 2010 and was forced off the show prior to the second season, said the company has deprived them of "tens of millions of dollars" in profit through improper and abusive "self-dealing."

    In a complaint filed with the New York Supreme Court on Tuesday, the plaintiffs said that the company pays an artificially low licensing rate to the AMC affiliate that produced the show, keeping it running at a deficit while AMC benefits from the highly rated series.

    Source: L.A. Times
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  2. Kurt

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    I hope this doesn't impact future episodes!!
  3. Omen

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    Don't think it will but it did affect the season 234. I think they show would have been a lot better and not lost steam if he would have remained on board.

    But AMC is notorious for slashing budgets and getting rid of people who make noise.

    Glad madmen and breaking bad had/have different contracts and creative control
  4. Kurt

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    This season was crap until the last two episodes. Still by far my fav.
  5. CaptainStubing

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    Didn't frank leave voluntarily because they weren't giving him the budget he wanted? Not sure he is going to win this one.