Walsh Confirms What I've Said All Along

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by FSUViking, May 15, 2008.

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    Reality sucks sometimes, don't it? Sometimes it's just easier to be naive.

    Posted by Mike Florio on May 15, 2008, 11:27 p.m.

    The New York Times received on Thursday yet another reward for a stream of fluff and puff regarding former Pats video employee Matt Walsh and his lawyer, Michael Levy.

    The Times got the first print Q&A with Walsh.

    Here are a few highlights. (The last one is the most important, in our view.)

    Walsh justified his participation in the cheating scam because he apparently feared termination. Or the loss of his job. I wasnt going to question what they wanted me to do, he said. They became upset if we filmed a practice drill incorrectly. I didnt want to imagine what the consequences would be if I refused to do something altogether.

    Also, its becoming increasingly clear that the Pats didnt use the tapes of the defensive coaching signals in the same game. There was no rush after I finished to get it to him right away. Because typically we wouldnt be playing the team for months to weeks later on.

    At first, it was filming teams we were going to be playing again later that year. In 2001, it evolved to filming other teams, especially in the [AFC], that we thought we might either possibly see in the playoffs or see again another time. It was the kind of situation that being the third video guy, there wasnt anything else I necessarily needed to shoot, especially for home games. So it was said, Go ahead and shoot the signals.

    Walsh says that, on at least one occasion, he noticed that an opposing team might be doing the same thing that the Pats were doing. [T]here was one time that I was filming and another team had set up their third video guy right next to me in our stadium, Walsh said. And when our team was on defense, I looked over at him, and he was angling his camera toward our sideline. I didnt ask him about it, because I was doing the same thing he was. But after the game, I went and told [former defensive coordinator] Romeo Crennel, and there were a couple other defensive coaches standing around in his office at the time. Im not sure who overheard it or not. But I told Romeo, The next time we play this team, you may want to change your signals, because I think theyre doing to us what we do to them.
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    Not sure I get your point.......So because someone else was doing it it's cheating less? The bottom line is they got caught......there is always someone bending the rules a la the Niners and Broncos on the salary cap, the Raiders, Broncos and Niner's teaching chop blocks and so on........still cheating.
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    word up DD
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    My point is quite clear to anybody who's been here for longer than five minutes. Too many people were saying it was a fact that the tapes were used in the same game and that the Patriots were the ONLY team doing it.

    Well, everybody's Golden Goose, Matt Walsh, is pissing on both those theories. I never justified crap. I've said from September 10th, 2007 onwards.....the Patriots just got caught doing what everyone else does.
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    And The Vikings still can't make the playoffs?.... Damn.
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    you're full of crap - nobody said it was only the pats, they said the pats are the ones who got caught. but hey, keep going on with your toddler type position of "well everyone else did it so why can't i" ... it's so mature and so like you.

    btw - you are justifying the pats actions by saying that. you can deny it all you want but it's fact. :icon_cool:
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    Just because other teams have done it, doesn't mean it's right for the Patriots. They cheated and I still think got off easy on it, but it's basically over now as everyone associated with it and the NFL wants it behind them.
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    Is there evidence that other teams "have done it?"
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    And the Cowboys still can't beat the Giants three times? Damn.

    Wow. Nobody said that, huh? You're so freaking full of crap my screen is running brown. I never said "everyone else did it so it's ok", so stop making crap up. Like a toddler would do.

    I'm justifying nothing. Unlike many people, I'm actually saying now, what I said from September 10th onwards. If you like, I can link you to the thread where the majority of people here were saying "if someone else was doing it, why don't we know?"....or...."they were using it in the same game"....etc, etc.

    Geez, smeagle.....don't backpeddle too fast. You might fall down and knock some sense into your head. If it's "fact" as you proclaim, back it up with evidence that makes it so.

    Who said it was....? This is the new company line people who said it was ONLY the Patriots, are now hiding behind, even though nobody ever said otherwise. I guess I can't speak for everybody, but I never went down that route.

    Well, Walsh says he saw guys from other teams doing EXACTLY the same thing he was doing. I mean, you don't need to be Sherlock freaking Holmes to put 2 and 2 together here. Maybe you do, I don't know......What else would they be doing? I'm curious.
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    Not to mention Jimmy Johnson, not to beat a dead horse. A hell, I'll make that same argument, and ya, I'm freaking justifying it! Who cares?
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    Other teams probably do it, yes. I don't think as many people as you are trying to claim were so naive to deny that. Like others have said, it doesn't change the fact that it's cheating or make what they did any better. And if you aren't trying to justify their actions, then what are you doing? Giving yourself a big pat on the back for what so many others have said this whole time?:icon_rolleyes:

    Let's also not forget who this is coming from. Matt "I never said I had a tape of the Rams walk-through" Walsh. A rat like him saying he saw other teams do the same thing he was doing is far from proof in my book. It's not like he doesn't have a reason to lie. He could be trying to become the Jose Canseco of the NFL for all we know.

    Any point you are trying to make is moot. Do other teams do this? Yes. I'm not going to be as naive to say the Pats are the only ones doing this or that other forms of cheating that we don't know about do not exist in the league. However, it doesn't change what the Pats did. And you really have nothing to brag about unless you came to the conclusion that teams all around the league do this before the Patriots were caught. You didn't go out on a limb with some profound statement, you just reiterated what many "experts" and people on message boards have been saying for months. Congratulations, though. Let me know when you receive your medal for your wise prediction and conceited thread title.
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    Anyone who isn't a total idiot knows that other teams have been doing this,if not all of them at one time or another. Even though it was against the rules "cheating",it was a gray area,and not enforced.Where Belichick got in trouble was Goodell said he was NOW going to enforce the rule about unauthorized cameras on the field,and Belichick continued to do it. If you are going to enforce penalties on doing this prior to last year,then you have to fine and take draft picks away from ALL the teams that have done this. Jimmie Johnson said it was a common practice going back a long time. I think that's what makes it tough for Goodell to penalize the Patriots for other years without hitting the other teams,and why he just wants it to end. Do you know how ugly this could get for the league, if he has to start taking draft picks away,and fining teams like Dallas for something that was done in the past?
  13. smeags

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    i see you're still as mature as ever. annomity is an awesome thing isn't it pal ? if you want to go pull up links and base your opinion on all nfl fans by what a couple posters on a MB said you go right ahead. see how far that gets you.

    most fans know this goes beyond the pats but the pats were the ones that got turned in and they just happen to be the 1st dynasty team of the 21st century and that why they are in the spotlight - plain and simple.

    i have said for a while that this is a cover-up, destroying evidence makes no sense unless you don't want people to see it. do i think the evidence out there was only on the pats ? no. i think this goes well beyond the pats and that's why goodell wants to squash this thing. the league would be in instant turmoil and he does not want this to become his legacy like the steroid era has become bud selig's.
  14. 86WARD

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    Curious as to why everyone is making Matt Walsh out to be the bad guy...because he told the truth? The Boston Papers are the ones that ran the story that sid the Patriots taped the walk-through.
  15. burnout2oo7

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    I wouldn't call him a bad guy. No one's saying that he did this himself and he's the sole individual behind spygate, but he's no choirboy. He did take part in this cheating, turn on the team that paid him to do it, and then exaggerated the evidence that he had (which isn't telling the truth in my book). He's not the ultimate evil in this whole thing, but I wouldn't call him reliable.
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    Yeah, like you're head of the class when it comes to maturity levels. Who said anything about "all NFL fans?" Stop putting words I never said into my mouth to further your argument. I said "some fans, here." That's it. And since I'd be backing up what I say, with facts and proof, I'd say it would get me as far as I need to go.

    Watching you flounder around and backpeddle is good comedy. Keep it coming. :icon_cheesygrin:

    Walsh is the NFL's version of Brian McNamee. He lied on his bio (saying he wasn't just a video guy, but also a team scout), he has some Patriots memorabilia he shouldn't have, illegally taped conversations with Scott Pioli, hid in the shadows for 5 years, needed legel protection and someone to pay his legal bills befor ehe would talk, etc.

    And Tomase's scource for the Rams walkthrough story was Walsh. Tomase and the Harold have done everything short of saying Walsh's name, but the evidence is too obvious to ignore. No reporter is going to out their sources, but if someone sits you down in a McDonalds and gives you a Big Mac and a box of fried with golden arches on it, you don't need someone to tell you straight out you're in a McDonald's for you to see it, do you? Numerous media outlets have dug around on Tomase and his "source" and all signs point to Walsh. He lied about the walkthrough tape.

    It comes down to who do you believe. McNamee or Clemens? Walsh or Belichick? It's like decidng which ball you want to be kicked in. Left or right? Either way, you're still getting kicked in the seeds and it will hurt. None of those four guys is a more satisfying side to go with over the other, IMO.

    Clemens and Belichick are cheaters, and Walsh/McNamee are the scum who were with them every step of the way.
  17. smeags

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    ummm, not it isn't all you said. see below liar.

    so now "too many" equals "some" ?? :icon_rolleyes: man, you take irony to new levels.

    the gig is up pal. you've been booted from multi sites for a reason and you're proving that those sites were right in doing so.

    keep up the good work son.
  18. FSUViking

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    Wow. That's what you're clinging too? Semantics? Jesus....:icon_rolleyes:

    The gig is up? Who are you? The cast of Scooby Doo? Grrr....I would got away with it too, if it weren't for that jackoff smeagle! get freaking real, will you? There's no gig. Only in your head.

    I've been booted from NFL-Fans, two years ago. Not "multiple sites." And it was because I called their mods out on the complete bullcrap that permeated that site. Hey, where is it now......? Exactly. Dead.

    Keep up the good work? haha....keep lobbin' softballs and I will. Son.
  19. smeags

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    semantics ? ok bub. you keep patting yourself on the back. i have tried to tell you to knock off the name calling, you may want to listen to that advice. also, i already exposed your lie about why you were booted from fans in the fight club forum (the appropriate forum for such a discussion mind you) and it seems you're close to being booted from here too.

    fans ? dead ? again - you fail.

    now - you may continue to discuss the subject at hand in a mature manner, which means no personal attacks and name calling. otherwise you'll deal with the ramifications of your actions.

    good luck with that.
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    Walsh is not the bad guy. He was ordered to do what he did. What's he supposed to do? Quit his job? He did it because he was told to and then came out to tell the truth.

    Belichick is the one lying (and cheating!!!!!!!!!) As for other teams cheating, nothing is proven. In this country, innocent until proven guilty. Patriots have been proven guilty and it has tarnished their "legacy" forever!!!