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    Maclin and Luck did me in last week both bringing in over 30 points for my opponent with several under performances from several of my guys. So unless Murray rips off 43 points this will be loss #2 on the season for me. So in hopes of not having a 3 week losing streak I'm trying to prep for week 9 where I have 3 starters on a bye week. Julio Jones is one and isn't of concern since I have receivers, but Matt Ryan and Martellus Bennet are both on byes as well . Below is the available QB's and TE's in my league on the waiver right now, who should I target and who should I be willing to drop for the week to get them? I'll wait for the rankings before deciding which receiver to start in place of Jones.
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    Obviously you can't overlook Big Ben. But I have Tannehil I also play Matt Ryan and Julio
    I would go with Clay Harbor
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    Hunter and Oliver seem to be your drop-able guys.

    At QB look at the rankings we publish but I like - Big Ben, Ryan and Fitz, in that order.
    At TE, again check our rankings but I like - Jermaine Gresham is AJ green is OUT - otherwise you choices are all dart throws, your guess is as good as mine.