What Does "Elite" Really Mean?

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    Hello GIF lovers.One of the most overused terms in the NFL is the word "Elite". So what does elite really mean to you?Is it just about winning the Superbowl? If it is then Dan Marino misses out on being called elite. Is it about setting records? In this case Dan is back in the conversation.Or is it about doing things that other players can't,standing out from the crowd.
    To me it's about what you do when the chips are down and the odds are stacked against you,who stands up and makes that clutch play.Not just once,but repeatedly.What do you think? Post away and let's get the debate rolling.
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    That's kind of a tough one. So the basics for me.

    There are certain players that are more reliable or dependable because of a combination of physical and mental ability. For me, it's the mental ability of a player that sets him apart from the others. w
    Whether it be game preparation, OTA's, off-season or practice day, the player that puts himself in a better position to succeed because of preparation is what sets them apart from others.

    God knows NFLers have the physical tools to play, otherwise they wouldn't be on anybody's rosters. But players such as Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgeral, Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin have/had the physical tools and physical attributes to succeed, but their approach to preparing for a game or season sets them apart from the pack. Plenty of 6'3" receivers have come and gone without so much a whimper.

    Definitely a tough one to put an absolute finger on, but elite players for me execute on Sundays better than others because of what's between their ears, regardless of Superbowl rings or statistical records.

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    I think a combination of factors separate elite players from good players. Certain players stoke our excitement with consistently producing big performances, partially, as a result of size advantages or in lieu of size disadvantages. The ability to overcome, what seem to be, insurmountable circumstances time and again. Having the focus and determination to be the player everyone looks to when the game is on the line. Having the attitude and competitiveness that this is their field, time to succeed and the ball is theirs and no one else's.

    Randy Moss could blow past a defender, use his height and leaping ability to rise above for deep balls and confidence to take it from DBs. And then Steve Smith, who I feel was an elite player for most of his career, at only 5'9" would out-fight DBs for the ball. When the ball went to him, he'd time his jumps perfectly to compete and had the confidence that it was his and no one else's ball. As clutch as they'd come. Doug Flutie was another who rose above his height disadvantage and was extremely clutch.

    QBs who deliver huge statistical numbers year in and year out, certainly have put in endless amount of work and film study in the off season and game preparation each week. The QBs that I always marveled at, though, were the ones who could take the reigns at the end of the game, needing a touchdown to win with very little time left. The resolve that that takes and getting everyone on their team to have confidence in them to pull it out always leaves me in awe. Joe Montana and John Elway were probably my favorite examples of this.
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    To me, elite means you will get a huge contract. That is all. Not everyone can be elite but the pundits are throwing that word around like it is a drunk tramp at a party. That word has lost a lot of meaning.
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    Well, instead of adding a lot of words, to me "ELITE" in the NFL world means consistent great play.
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    Its a relative term, but I think a good general definition would be present, concensus top-5 status at your position. Not to say that there's five elites at each position at all times, but it should be a common agreement that a player who is elite is somewhere in the top 5.
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    Technically every player in the NFL is "elite." I mean they are one of 1800 or so players in the world that have battled their way through practices, high schools, colleges, injuries, bullying, etc. and made it to the NFL.
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    Right, that's what I was trying to say. It's totally subjective as depends against whom you're making a comparison.
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    Elite to me is a much narrower field. Great players have the ability & mindset but elite players overcome all efforts to contain them.

    There's great players thru-out history & in the game today who make plays/have games that are amazing but elite players are the ultimate chess masters who, regardless if their team ultimately wins, have a counter to every move by opponents, game in/game out.
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    I would say top 5 percentile

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    Alex Smith = Elite game manger
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    Can't remember the program but they had this exact same question on the air. The only difference is they were speaking about QB's only. Of the panel members were ex-NFLers. How they pretty much to the man defined elite was a players ability to put his team on his back and come out with a win. They stressed that the team must win in order for elite consideration to be given. Just sayin'.
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    Dan Marino was/is elite. He just has less jewelry than other guys
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    Agreed. Their criteria didn't mean SuperBowls.