What Is Your Football Philosophy?

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    I thought this would be interesting.

    If you were just hired as the GM of a new NFL expansion team... what would be your philosophy? What is the mantra you want your new team to live by? How about types of coaches? Schemes? Types of football players?

    I guess this could garner some lengthy replies, but it will be interesting to read the differences in philosophies.
  2. chiefswin19games

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    Philosophy/Mantra - I would want my players to be accountable for everything they do on and off the field and act like true professionals. I would push to every player that they are professionals and they need to show that on and off the field. Being professionals, they need to strive to be the best at what they do.

    Types of coaches/scheme - I think it's hard not to like Dungy. He is a true leader and manager in every sense. I also like Holmgren. As far as scheme, I like a hybrid look. Teams that are switching up between 3-4 and 4-3 looks seem to be sucessful with the right personnel. I would focus in on the line on both sides of the ball first. I like the saying, "football is won in the trenches" because most sucessful teams have proven this.

    Types of football players - Cerebral, period. Smarter players can succeed with less skill. My favorite player of all time is Joe Montana. He did not have the strongest arm or the best accuracy but he was one of the smartest players to ever play professional football.
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    Basically, after watching the Jaguars for a handful of years and playing for a team myself for a couple of years, they both use the same kind of strategy on offence. I'd run the ball, right at the opposition, punish them, make them stop you. Then catch them out with the PA pbutt. Run, Run, Play-action pbutt... That would be my offensive philosophy. There's less chance of failure if you run the ball.

    Defence, a bit different to my offensive philosophy because my team play a 3-4 whereas the Jaguars play a base 4-3 or Nickel. Personally, if I had a choice... I'd chose a 4-3 defence and build it from the middle. I'd have two monsters at DT first and foremost (just like Stroud and Henderson used to be) and then a commander at MLB (like Mike Peterson) so that we could stuff the run up the middle.

    Overall, both sides of the ball, I'd have smash-mouth football, throw it at the opposition and make them stop you.
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    Draft players with out police blotter experience.
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    An unequivocal eye for talent that drafts and stocks his roster from a scheme/need-specific mind-frame. An open-door guy, who facilitates a winning atmosphere from the administration office to the practice field to the locker room. Surrounds himself with "football guys" in his coaching staff and understands the "type" of players that will match his staff and scheme.

    Football guys, the whole lot of them. Everyone of them having multiple years of NFL coaching experience. And everyone of them having the desire to buy into the team concept and promote the team philosophy, in order to get to the promised land in January/February.

    A smash-mouth, run-first offensive attack that capitalizes on the PA pass and a deep-slashing air assault. Football is won in the trenches, so the offensive line will be stocked with smart, fast, heavy, skilled behemoths.

    A swarming, fly-to-the-ball, hybrid defense that capitalizes on many different looks. (4-3, 3-4, 4-4, Cover 2) Stocked with ball-hawking, aggressively minded bone-crushers. A well-balanced assault with a heavy influence of blitzes and line stunts to rush the QB. I don't believe defense wins championships. But it certainly makes the game more fun to watch.

    Teams win championships. Schemes don't... coaches don't... individual players don't... individual units on the team don't... teams win championships. If the owner, the GM, the scouts, the coaches, and all 53 football players can buy into one mantra, one philosophy, one goal, and hold each other accountable to get there... they can do it.

    Ok, now I'm ready for the season to start.
  6. MediaGuy

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    Pound the Rock and play punishing defense.
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    What Media Guy said...:icon_thumright:
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    Overall: I want a lock down defense. I will build my team around the line (both sides of the ball) and the defense. A mediocre offense with an all world defense can win championships and it can keep you in most games. I would love to be able to have a dominant running game w/ playmaking WR's too, but I'll be realistic.

    GM: I want a cerebral football guy who can spot talent early and get them as they're budding. I want teh flower when it blooms not before it wilts.

    I'd have to think more later about depth and coaches etc.
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    Failure is not an option...you play to win the game! :icon_cheesygrin: Oh Hell....I've been listening to Herm for too long! :icon_redface:
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    Defense wins championships. If I were the GM, I'll lean towards the defensive side of the football more. It's hard to find a very good offense like last year's Patriots where they didn't really need their defense to win most of their games. I'll build my team around veterans who can keep the team on their toes. The most important thing is team chemistry.