Who are your teams Homer Superstars

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  1. Jihad Joe

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    Every fan base has them. Those deep roster guys a fanbase homerrificly sets unrealistic expections for. You know, that undrafted #6 WR thats on the verge of a 90 catch 1500 yard season. That 7th round Safety that lock down the back end of the defensive backfield and become a turnover machine. Try to argue that these players wont make it and you'll get label a hater

    Who are the players on your team that qualifies as Homer Super
  2. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels


    Lance Dunbar: Here is a guy that has more fumbles then decent runs, but on the heels of a nice run VS Oakland, Dunbar is being tabbed by the fanbase as a guy that will catch 50+ passes and the perfect complimentary back. Yes, perfect for opposing teams

    James Hanna: He fills the " needs to be used properly" role. Only way to use him properly is for him to run fast in a straight line. He cant run routes and is a kitty over the middle. But to Cowboy fans he would be better then Hernandez if he went to NE

    Matt Johnson: Fans swear he will make the Pro Bowl if healthy. Hes played a grand total of one half of a quarter of a preseason game
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    Lawrence Okoye I guess? Physical freak and Harbaugh boner-giver, there's definitely a subset who are convinced he's going to be the next Mario Williams.

    The teams so deep now that there's not a lot of roles left to fill, or players to root for to fill them. A few years ago I could have had a list of dozens for you, now...not so much. Also, I dont really browse the team homer boards anymore either, so I'm kind of out of the homer loop. Too many (TOO TOO too many) uninformed and football-ignorant bandwagon fans since we've gotten good, it's impossible to have anything remotely approaching a reasoned, objective conversation about anything anymore, so I don't even bother.
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  5. Jihad Joe

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    I can see Okoye being that future 15 sack guy that winds up cut this year.

    I wonder if anyone is saying " Okoye will replace Smith.......Mark It Down"
  6. Steve12

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    Kenbrell Thompkins was kinda that guy for the pats after last pre season.
  7. 86WARD

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    Not sure if the Steelers have one this year...but yet at least. Maybe Vince Williams? But that was silenced when Shazier was drafted. Isaac Redman was the one for a few seasons...ugh...just that name...
  8. Buck Fenson

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    Saints don't have any homer ones. they all can shine when given a chance. but the fans seem to like Andy Tanner for some reason. dude don't play at all but fans think he is the next beast in waiting.
  9. DawkinsINT

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    I haven't really heard any from Eagles fans yet, but once camp starts....
  10. Buck Fenson

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    true. but if I see one post about Malcolm Jenkins being a beast I will lose my cookies.