Who To Start?

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    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    Need to fill a WR and W/T slot...

    Reception Yards 10 yards per point
    Reception Touchdowns 6
    Return Yards 20 yards per point
    Return Touchdowns 6

    Players to choose from:

    Stevie Johnson vs. CAR
    Rod Streater vs. JAX
    Rueben Randle vs. DEN
    Juluis Thomas vs. NYG

    Any advice would be helpful
  2. Walnuts

    Walnuts All-Pro

    I would go with Orange Julius and Randle/Streater, personally. Normally I'd be fully against any Raiders, but Jacksonville. Carolina looked pretty legit defensively against a good offense last week, ergo I think the Bills are going to have a rough time with them this week, and EJ Manuel, so no Stevie. I like Randle a lot but I don't expect he'll continue to get numbers like he just did, at least not consistently...however that game could be a shootout so he might get volume stats if nothing else. Thomas is a must start.

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    Thanks! I was leaning this way too. I know Randle is probably their WR3, but he also does returns. And Streater and Pryor supposedly have "chemistry." That makes things interesting going against the Jaguars mess
  4. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    Witten had 2 touchdowns, just sayin'.
  5. TheSnowman

    TheSnowman #1 Trap Star

    Johnson and Thomas if it's me
  6. ragman

    ragman Pro Bowler Fantasy Guru

  7. RichLikeWh0a

    RichLikeWh0a Hermhater = Nemesis

    streater and thomas for this week. i had trouble deciding on if i wanted to throw streater in my flex this week myself and ultimately chose hartline due to the amount of targets he received versus streater.
  8. JEMicklos

    JEMicklos Captain

    SJ and JT

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    all of yall having me thinking now lol and no closer to a decision
  10. Walnuts

    Walnuts All-Pro

    I'd like to hear someone make an argument for Stevie.
  11. JEMicklos

    JEMicklos Captain

    EJ seems to have the most confidence in Stevie. Carolina gave up 320 yards to Wilson last week.
  12. keemNicks

    keemNicks Team Veteran

    Gotta start Julius. As a die hard giants fan, our LB's suck, and our dbacks are way to small to cover him 1 on 1

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    In another league, I was able to snag Julius even though I was almost at the bottom of the waiver priority. Now I have to decide him or Witten?
  14. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Johnson and Thomas.

    Manning loves TEs and he already loves Thomas. He should be a no brainer.

    Panthers DBs aren't great and even though the Bills receivers were terrible last week, they have a pretty good match up this week.
  15. JEMicklos

    JEMicklos Captain

    I was able to get Julius in every league I'm in that he was available. Don't know how I got that lucky, but I'll take it
  16. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Hopefully you went Johnson and Thomas.

    Johnson - 25.5
    Thomas - 16

    Streater - 7
    Randle - 4

    Wasn't really a debate...lol.

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    Johnson was on the bench :icon_frown: ... as was Tavon Austin in 3 of the leagues I'm in. I won all 4 of my games last week, this week I probably won't win any lol
  18. 86WARD

    86WARD -

  19. codatious99

    codatious99 cheese head

    Big Ben


    EJ Manuel

    Yes, horrible choices, but who do you think will put up some points?
  20. 86WARD

    86WARD -