Who Were The Drafts Winners And Losers

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  1. Jihad Joe

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    Which teams had the best drafts. Which teams had the worst drafts?

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  2. Jihad Joe

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    49ers: Came away with amazing value all over the place

    Raiders: I really like what they did. Hayden was their guy. Watson was great value, and Wilson could start and play well this year


    Jets: Milner is good, but they really didn't need a CB even after trading Revis. Richardson isn't really a good scheme fit, and Smith is set up to fail

    Bills: Two massive reaches in the first 3 rounds with Manuel and Goodwin

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  3. IX 7 III

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    Exactly, how are the Jets "losers" in the draft?

    They picked up the best CB in the daft to fill their need after Revis was traded. Your argument would be : jets didn't need a star CB since they didn't have Revis last year and were a top 10 defense.

    Well, last years numbers don't tell the full story. When a team has ZERO offense, like the jets had last season, teams don't have to worry about throwing the ball since they're not playing catch up. Most teams that faced the Jets had the lead most of the time. So, the few times QBs did throw the ball our defense was all over it. Key words : few times. So those numbers become inflated.

    The Jets picked up a CB to fill a need they knew they had, that wasn't exactly exploited last year. That's a great pick for their defense.

    They also went on and drafted a DT in the first round. A pass rushing DT and one of the best, if not, the best in the draft. The Jets had ZERO pass rush since like, forever it feels, and they addressed that need in the draft. Another hole filled.

    They went on and got great value by picking up Geno Smith in the 2nd round. The 2nd round! The best QB in the draft selected in the second round??? All the "experts" had Smith going top 10. Crap, in most drafts he was expected to go top 5. Jets picked him up and now one of their most glaring needs of the last 2 years, and most important need, has been filled.

    Their QB situation was horrific, ZERO air attack by the Jets last year. Your argument would be : they needed some weapons on offense, they needed a WR. We have Holmes (still an above average WR) coming back. We have Kerley, who's a beast in the slot. And we either get a number 2 WR or resign Braylon (who can definitely ball). On top of that, we picked up a tall, speedy, WR last year in Stephen Hill. And if he develops into what we think he can be, he will be another deep threat....for Geno.

    The rest of the draft was OL and TE. The Jets filled their needs in the draft and upgraded completely. Everything everyone was saying the Jets needed and had holes in, was addressed with the BPA in the draft this year.

    To say they are "losers" is just plain idiotic. You're letting the media's hate for the team blur your vision and your own thoughts on them. In the NFL, the new fad is to make fun of the Jets and over analyze their every move. But as i recall, there were 8 other teams that did WORSE than the Jets last season. But we get ripped...cuz you know, its the thing to do. :cool: cool guy.

    Keep feeding into the hype.

    The Jets made major moves in this draft. Instead of bowing down to the media and tanking this year. The Jets are poised to make a run to the playoffs and this draft is why.

    Biggest losers : cowboys and bears. Their first picks were real head scratchers. Both were huge reach.

    Biggest winners : 49ers and dolphins. They moved up and around in this draft and really took advantage and came up big. Both teams took great players and filled needs. All around great drafts.

    *I'm not bashing you or starting anything, Jihad Joe, so don't lash out...i know how sensitive some guys get when you reply to their posts. Just using your post to debate and make a point.

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  4. mj1987us26

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    Jets making a playoff push?
  5. IX 7 III

    IX 7 III Rookie

    They're not gonna go out without a fight. If that was the case, they would've spent more picks on OL n D or traded back for future picks. They wouldn't had got Geno.
    I'm not saying they'll make it...I'm just saying 6-10 won't happen again

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  6. mj1987us26

    mj1987us26 Super

    No 6-10 won't happen. It will be worse. They have a lot of holes on defense, and about as much on offense. And Geno will be a bust, unlike guys like RG3 and Newton, he RARELY passed the ball deep. Geno shouldn't have even been close to a first round pick in the first place.
  7. IX 7 III

    IX 7 III Rookie

    Where are these holes? Explain how our holes compare to the other teams holes in the league. And Geno, as much as i don't like the pick, will be an upgrade over Sanchez.

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  8. mj1987us26

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    They need: SS, FS, ILB, OLB, NT, DE, WR, TE, TE, RT, RG, LG, KR/PR and depth all through the roster. Instead they got Milliner, who is over rated, and a DT that has absolutely no business being in a 34 defense.
  9. IX 7 III

    IX 7 III Rookie

    They filled the needs that best suits their holes. If that means grabbing a guy that's real good in one position, and by doing so, help another position that's lacking...why not?

    Go BPA and adapt with the talent. Teams will be cutting good players in the next couple of weeks. They grabbed good players in the draft that will compliment whoever they get or got from the draft from here on out. There's only 7 rounds and only so many picks. You can't possibly fill all your holes in just 1 draft. To say that they were losers in the draft is a overreacting. That's my point and the point of this thread.

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  10. TheSnowman

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    Feel free to keep making your point as you see it, but to say the other side isn't valid is on the same level as saying all the criticism of the Jets is media-hyped overreaction.

    While its obviously too early to properly evaluate the draft, my initial approach is also that the Jets didn't do as well as they needed to. They missed out on Austin and reached for a need; Milliner was indeed overrated and not a top 10 player in my book. And maybe there werent even 10 of them this year, but that doesn't change that they reached for a need and then took a guy who might not be a good fit at a time when they need those picks to hit, badly.
  11. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    jets fan getting a little defensive lol...where does richardson play? Wilkerson, Kendrick Ellis, and Coples is a solid 34 line

    It was a very odd draft class
  12. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    Steelers quietly had an awesome draft...not a huge fan of bell but Jones and SHAMARKO were among my favorite players in the draft
  13. Crowned

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    49ers had the best draft.

    Jaguars, Ravens, Steelers, and Rams had good drafts.
  14. Diesel44

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    eagles,bills and 49ers had the best draft,but I think at least everybody had decent ones.
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  15. mj1987us26

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    WHAT? Bills? Yeah but no they didn't.
  16. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    I didn't like spending the 8th pick on a CB with Cro and Wilson. I don't dislike Milliner and dont buy into the "he is gonna have a hard time replacing Revis" I just think you guys could have gotten better drafting Warmack

    Richardson I like as a player, but one of the places you guys don't need is DL. Jones or Vaccaro IMO would have been much better picks

    And not any media driven hate, but I hate Geno as a pro QB. There is a reason why he slipped to the 2nd after his stock was driven up by a hot streak last season. I believe lot of his success was helped greatly by Austin and Bailey. He got a lot of comparisons to RG3, but I never saw. Honestly he reminds me of Tavarious Jackson. IMO you guys should have waited 2 more rounds and gotten Wilson

    Don't apologize, I love a good debate. If I'm wrong, you can always pull a K Train and bump this in a year or 2

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