Why don't the Texans get it?

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  1. What is it that Rick Smith doesn't get about the Houston Texans? After inheriting a team essentially built by former General Manager Charley Casserly and including No. 1 overall pick Mario Williams, Smith saw the Texans give up 43 sacks; this represents about 2.7 per game, but a marked improvement over the disastrous 4.25 per contest allowed in 2005.

    Source: Os Davis, realfootball365.com
  2. TJ

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    Because Casserly is a former student of the "Matt Millen School for GMs"...and graduated from there with honors.
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    Screw the Media and all you HAters!

    that writer doesn't know jack crap about the Texans...
    I bet the offence is going to produce big this season.
    For one we now have a qb that can throw down the middle of the field, not to mention has excellent pocket presents.. something Carr was lacking.
    BAd line or not.
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    Matt Schaub sure looks good in the preseason, doesn't he? I am not convinced that Schaub is a better QB than Carr. Carr was a decent pocket passer until he was beaten to death behind a pathetic o-line. I doubt any QB would have been able to succeed with the team they built around Carr.

    Good luck Matt, you'll need it. Enjoy handing off to an over-the-hill RB and trying to find your only WR who is going to be constantly double and triple covered because anyone else is a joke.
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    Spoken like a true Possum Lover.
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    LOL.... Blu, I think Steverobwhatever has a secret lust, for all that is Houston....
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    Bill, he sure does, he used to be the ultimate Houston OILER fan....
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    The Texans are still dumbasses for passing on VY
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    Ahhhh Haaaaa!! I knew it!!

    I could picture him now in drinking "Dome Foam", singing "Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers, Houston Oilers #1..... We've got the offense, we've got the defense........"
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    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Bill [smilie=MISC39.gif] you had to go there, every word of that song by heart.
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    I bet he also cried when the Rockets put an ol'school asswhippen on those Knicks...
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    Poor Schaub...

    David Carr was a good qb (better than Schaub if you ask me) with a horrible line and nobody outside of Andre Johnson to throw to...nobody could have been succesful with that offensive line, IMO.

    The Texans defense is on their way to decency, if they can put together a decent Oline this coming offseason and pick up a good recieving TE and another WR threat to take some coverage off of Johnson, they should be a team on the rise.
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    Let's hope not, I have another bet with a delusional Texans fan that the 49ers win more of the 5 games that both the Texans and 49ers play this season.
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    ??? you mean 5 teams, I assume?

    Oh, and the Texans won't do crap for at least a couple years, no worries...[smilie=cry2.gif]
  16. Sweets

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    5 teams, 5 games it's the same thing..Browns, Falcons, Panthers, Bucs and Saints
  17. Blu N Houston

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    Please !
    Carr won't even be a starter over a washed up JAke in Carolina until he's injured. He throws lob passes in the middle of the field praying that AJ could out jump the DB's.
    I've learned you west coast guys just have a man crush on that Fresno biblethumper.

    Defence... decent? it's been more than decent since VY punked us in Overtime.
    By the end of this upcoming season the D will be ranked in the top 20...hitting the top ten in a season and becoming a dominate top 5 defence by the 3rd year. Defence wins titles and Kubiak knows this. Thus the reason for passing on Bush(Mario) and going after Okoye DT this season.
    Oline... well it will cont to get better... they just need games to gell and not get hurt.

    BTw... the Texans drafted one hell of a pass catching TE last yr, Owen Daniels a Badger.
    He was a stud! Coming off of shoulder sugury this off season. Kubiak has already made it known to the fans to expect more throws down the middle to his TE's...something Schaub can do.. Kubiak had no faith in Carr.

    Thus why the Texans said adios!
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    Both teams go 3-2, what is the tie breaker?
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    That's what I was thinking...
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    I've found that site to consistently put out crap articles. This Bills news site I go to frequently links to articles there and they all suck.

    As for the Texans, I like Kubiak and think he can build something. I question them getting rid of Moulds. Who is going to compliment AJ? With no upgrades to the O-line how is Schaub going to be any different than Carr? On the plus side, I really like their D.