Why don't the Texans get it?

Discussion in 'Houston Texans' started by indysteve1563, May 14, 2007.

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    The Texans had a lot of problems last season, but Carr wasn't one of them. He grew up less than a mile from my parents home and I've watched him his entire career. He had no problem throwing down the middle of the field for Fresno State. In Houston Carr was running for his life on almost every play. He had little talent around him. After Andre Johnson who is there? IMO Andre Johnson is a very over rated WR.

    What makes you think Matt Schaub is going to far any better over the long run with that crap team? Yeah, he'll win a few games and everyone will be all woo hoo, but unless the Texans get some addition offensive weapons and shore up the oline, Schaub is headed down the same path Carr traveled.

    Carr is probably in a better situation as a backup in Carolina than he was starting for Houston. And if Jake Delhomme goes down, Carr will finally have a chance to show what he can do given just a bit a talent around him.
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    It was the O-line that made Carr Suck but we'll find out who the real Carr is in Carolina
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    Only time will tell who got the better out the deal.

    But even a brickwall can't help David put he ball on the money on a slant play over the middle.
    Oh and David could make those throws back in the days...againts a bunch of cali highschool and pacten db's...but not now when it counts against the Pros. His lil brother is going to be better IMO.

    My $ is on the Texans.
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    dunno..my $ is in my pocket
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    great point right there and that is the excat same reason my money is on brady quinn sucking ass
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    I haven't seen that in the vBookie section yet... I would put my money on Q sucking butt too.
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    If you can come up with outcomes and odds, I'd set it up for you guys :D.
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    awesome i will try to come up with something
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    This coming from a cards fan?!?!?!?! Hows Edge working out for you???

    1) the O-line is NOT the worst. Not great, but not the worst. I beleive the Raiders O-line gave up more sacks and averaged way less in the rushing game.

    2) David Carr, may be something someday, but he was done here in Houston. His work ethic was questioned by the fans, media and most importantly his team mates. He lost the team. No one will succeed in that environment.

    3) I think any fan from any team (except the Cardinals) would acknowledge Dunta Robinson as an upper eschelon corner. (but here's a hint, ya have to know a little something about football to know that).

    4) Brokeback Cowgirls are actually Oklahoma, but I might see where you could be confused. Anyone from Texas knows that Dallas is New York South (sorry New York - it wasn't my intention to insult y'all).

    5) Ignorant statement. The running back was Domanick Davis until he blew his knee and had surgery. The Texans were planning on his being the back until TC (last season) when it was apparent that he will never make it back. But prior to that he rushed for 1031, 1188 and 976 yards in the 3 conscecutive seasons... Again, just an ignorant statement.

    6) Last, I have entertained people's suggestion that the logo was hideous, but they had legitimate beefs and were fans of teams that had some credence as far as I was concerned. The Cardinals logo and unis are not one of those teams...

    But keep hating, because once the novelty of that stadium wears off, the Cardinals will be the Cardinals and Bidwell will still be one of the worst owners in the NFL.
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    fREAKING swEEt tar man!!:D
    gREAT fREaKiN pOINTS... good bUddy!
    south east texas ROCKS!
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    Second tier?? AFL???.......... Dude are you that ignorant??. There are about 31 other owners that would punch you in the face for that statement based on their VALUE alone. Valuations: Texans 4th, Cardinals 24th. Maybe the Cardinals should move to the AFL, they may actually turn a profit. The Cardinals didn't even have a stadium until last season. Talk about second tier...

    Talk all the smack you want. The Gurls still have a 1-15 season to be proud of. At least we can hang our hats on the fact that we can say: "Wow, no matter how bad its been, at least we weren't the 1-15 Cowboys"... By the way, when was the last time the Cowboys actually won a play-off game. Thats right, it was about 5 years BEFORE the Texans even existed and thats in the NFC (Nancy Football Conference).

    Are you a frustrated Brokeback Cowboy fan?? You certainly reference them a lot... Are you aware that New Orleans is just about the same distance from Houston that Dallas is?? Prove that you're not a closeted Brokeback fan and use some New Orleans comparisons for a change....

    At least you see "A LOT" at Texans games..... I can't see too many Cardinals fans at all: (PS Pretty red pants!!)


    Are you kidding people?? Are you serious?? Dude:


    That in itself just seems wrong and misguided...Not to mention pretty damning in knowledge (or there lack of) of Football.

    I agree with you. I had a chance to watch DC a few times while he was at Fresno State the year he threw 42TDs and only 7 picks... There are a multitude of reasons that Carr did not succeed here.... Some on him, some on the way he was coached up (or not coached up), some on the organization.

    1) Some questioned work ethic. QB's are usually FILO (first in last out) for Cardinals fans.
    2) He locked in on receivers
    3) While he was sacked often, many of those sacks were self-inflicted. In other words, he would scramble and often times run out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage.
    4) Too many batted balls, for a guy 6'-3"

    1) AJ made a comment that kind of got swept under the rug. He said that under Capers, Carr was told who to throw to, giving the appearance that he couldn't read defenses.
    2) 4 different OC's in 5 years

    1) A 'real' second threat
    2) Seriously addressing the O-line, especially after the first year when they knew Boselli (LT) was never going to make it back AND losing Ryan Young (the RT)
    3) Making DC the "face of the franchise". It's tough enough for a rookie QB to be that, but be the face of an expansion team had to be daunting.

    ALL are culpable. But DC (as you said) is in a good situation in Carolina. I hope he does great, until we play them of course. I think he, the team and the fans - ALL needed a breath of fresh air, and I think ALL parties will benefit.
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    That's a lot of Doublemerged Autoposts! :shock:
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    Funny thing is, I have no idea how I did that...
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    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    It does that automatically.
    It sucks when there is only one person post-whoring now-a-days.
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    so who agrees with me now?

    Panther Fans?
    16. what passing rating?
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    3-5, a hurt starting QB, hurt WR, no running game and abysmal defense?

    I guess you were right?
  17. Blu N Houston

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    pissoff possum luvn hick
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    Ah, good comeback. By the way, I've seen one opossum in my life and that was on a back road in Alabama. Nice try though

    I know this is petty but since it's your only defense I figure I'll help you out...

    "possum".... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Possum

    "opossum".... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didelphimorphia

    So unless I live in Australia or New Zealand I don't think I'll be doing much 'possum lovn' anytime soon.

    If you're going to mock someone make sure you get your facts straight :icon_cool:
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    uh...can we get a ruling here? petty technicality?

    I would agree with Blu....there offense has been there..they just face a tough division....
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    I agree, I am ashamed. Can't delete it now.... (you know I'm just playin with you, Blu)

    Once Johnson gets back (if he does) the offense will open up even with Rosenfels and no running game. The o-line is much improved but still pretty ineffective. The defense took a huge blow with Robinson now on the IR. Hope he recovers fully and quick. He's a great talent and seems to be a good guy.

    Ryans is a man out there and the line is pretty stout. The pass rush should be better but with no coverage (even before 23's injury) it's hard to force the QB to hold on long enough for Mario and Co. to get there.

    I think if Houston finds a good safety this off season via the draft or free agency their defense will be damn good next year. A great tackle can be found later in the draft (see TN's Roos and Stewart) so no need to break the bank on a guy who is really hit or miss. A free agent will be too expensive unless they fail to draft a good replacement for Salaam.

    I think Rick Smith (thats the GM, right?) has done an ok job considering the hand he was dealt. I was a little scared for them, well as scared as a Titans fan could be, when they selected Mario but I think he has been the best fit now. I always like defense first, anyways. But he will probably find a long-term guy to anchor that o-line. Maybe Winston is the guy yall will be able to build around, I don't know much about him. I don't think a Darren McFadden or Ray Rice is a necessity, either. A guy a little down the board will do just fine if you can sure up the o-line. Schaub has the ability to win without a running game so the addition of a little relief will open wide doors for the Texans.