Why The Chiefs Will Make The Playoffs Next Season.

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Will the Chiefs make a run for the playoffs in 2010-11

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  1. First off I love evaluating and watching how the team ended the season. Everybody might not have seen it but the chiefs had a lot of heart and worked hard throughout the season. I believe that next season all of the hardwork and dedication pays off and here is why.

    1. New Coaching staff- Charlies Weis, Romeo Crennel, and Hall of famer Emmitt Thomas will bring confidence and experience to this team and will actually have a whole off-season to help the team. Matt Cassel will be able to do more things now this year in having an actual offensive coordinator.

    2. Easy Schedule- Here is the Chiefs oppoonents for next year. The weak AFC west twice brought to you by Seattle, Cleveland, St. Louis, Arizona, San Francisco, Houston, Tennesse, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Buffalo. This schedule favors our chances dearly and is way easier comapared to last seasons and this should help us to get wins and strive as a team I mean more then half the teams did not make the playoffs.

    3. Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones 1-2 Punch- Probably one of the most smart moves the chiefs have made in a while in aquiring Thomas Jones. Dont get me wrong Jamaal Charles is still the #1 back on the chiefs team but Picking up Jones gives Charles time to rest and not get worn out throughout the year and have a workload on his back and will keep him healthy and Thomas Jones also gives us Power for the redzoone.

    4. Free Agency and the draft- The chiefs have already been on the move in free agency in aquring Thomas Jones, Shaun Smith, Jerheme Urban, Casey Wiegmann, They also have free agent offensive linemen Ryan Lija coming in on monday for a visit and Im willing to bet we sign him. And Probably a key move and big help at the reciever position is the Re-signing of Chris Chambers! He gives up the deep threat and consistency that Bowe doesnt and will help bowe strive with less double teams. And on top of all this we still have the draft, Eric Berry? Jorden Shipley? Ryan Okung? the draft is full of talent at so many positions this year and can bring our team alot of help especially being so high in the draft at #5 to start.

    5. Todd Haley and Scott Pioli and the Coaching- We finally have one actual off-season where everything is put in place early and the whole organization can work together throughout the off-season and training camp. Everyone seems to be on the same track and Kansas City is looking good within the staff this year.

    I hope this information I just gave to you helped you realize why I am so Confident and Talking about my Kansas City Chiefs like I am. I just feel like we have been just an inch or two away the last few seasons to setting off and get going and I think we hit the key points this off-season and are ready to go for a run in 2010. Please let me know what you think and your opinons are.
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    Lets just slow down a bit there pardner...

    I agree that the team will be vastly improved next season, but calling for a playoff spot this soon might be looking through those rose colored glasses.

    AFC West is weak, but I don't think we're gonna win the division, and a wild card will probably be difficult even if we go 8-9 wins.
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    Jones is on the wrong side of 30, the Chiefs haven't done much in FA because there isn't anything there. Urban isn't that good, Chambers won't be the same(this is speaking from expirence with him), Smith is garbage, there are still so many holes on defense and along the offensive line. Okung looks like he is going to be a Lion. The Chiefs will be improved, but still a year away from contention.
  4. Umm Jones can have just as much of an impact on the chiefs as ronnie brown does and our 1-2 punch will be better then yours and sorry chris chambers didnt want to be in miami and you guys didnt know how to use him like we do, he said that cassel is by far the best connection with a qb he has ever had and I wont argue that smith is trash because I havent seen him play but the other stuff u said makes no sense and We will have a better record then the dolphins so it doesnt matter thanks and sorry that you think you know my team when you dont. You just need to start worrying bout yours for once. K?
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    :icon_rolleyes: Chambers was playing for a contract, now he has one and he will go back to losing his concentration. Jones is going to be 32, RBs have issues when they get around that age. Smith is garbage and has a piss poor attitude and is a cancer to a team. What other stuff doesn't make sense to you? That stuff that is logical and from someone living in the real football world? Since you seem to be a psychic know how well the Chiefs and Dolphins do, how about giving me the lottery number cause I could use some spending money. The Chiefs still need a NT, more depth at DE, another rush LB, ILB, FS, SS, depth for those positions, depth at CB. They still need a TE, RT, RG, and a C. So yeah I would like to think I know just a little about other teams. And before you get all smart and say I don't how about your team take those rose colored glasses of then make some funny remarks and try attacking my favorite team because I have an opinion about yours and it isn't what you like to see, which is the truth. But thanks for playing.
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    You guys make a cute couple. :icon_cheesygrin:
  7. Like I said the depth will be solved in the draft and we only need one more safety cuz Mcgraw and Morgan can step up as backups and we signed Casey wiegmann today for center and dont say he is old and washed up cuz he held his own in denver, i think i would know cuz we played them twice this year and Ryan Lija is visiting monday for the offensive line then the draft can get us another o-linemen. Leornard Pope isnt great but he is a solid tight end catching and blocking wise then O'connell did well for his rookie season plus we have page at safety and he is the confidence of our defenses and a big hitter, we still have time to get an inside linebacker. Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, and Vrabel are locks at linebackers, and Belcher and Mays stepped up last year not saying they are great starters or backups but they can hold their own. Wallace Gilberry impressed this year at DE backup especially in division play. And with the secondary not being as banged up and healthy this season we will be fine but I agree we could use a little bit more depth but its ok for now and so ya I think I just broke down most of the wholes u just pointed out and know all this from watching closely all season and any other chief fan would agree with mostly everything I just said. Dolphins can get somewhere also with a few adjustments but I just wanted to let you know that I do know alot about my team and Am living in the real football world too :icon_cheesygrin:
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    you seem to know a lot about the Chiefs individually but not in the grand scheme of things. Compare them to the rest of the NFL and you're "solid starters" become backups at best. (Cassell for example)

    Bad coaching staff (Todd Haley who doesn't play his best players: see Jamaal Charles last season and Derrick Johnson midseason, cutting Bernard Pollard who is a beast vs the run for the Texans).

    You forgot to take off your homer blinders before posting, buddy.
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    As usual, MJ is right on the dot, if the Chiefs made the playoffs, there would be a ton of luck involved. If we started the season now, with no draft, I'd say we go around 6-10 at best. Can a good draft get us a few more wins? Maybe if we hit on a ton of picks. Again, wishful thinking.
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    If they get a quality NT then there front 7 as a whole will get much better. However, they are not going to get one that will make a difference in 2010 as Williams and Cody will both be gone when they are OTC in the 2nd

    Thomas and Troup, the next best NT's in the draft are projects
  11. Well Im just confident and ready for the season, non of us really know what to expect, itz a new season and anything can happen I know what I think is going to happen and So do you guys and time will only tell and maybe I just scope things different then other people but I like what the organization is doing and just have that feeling. LETS GO 2010 PROVE THE WORLD WRONG KC!!!!!!!!
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    No argument there dude.

    GO CHIEFS!!!!
  13. Crowned

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    Nope, they're moving in the right direction though without a doubt.

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    Yea you do scope things differently.

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    Jones is technically on the "wrong side of thirty" but he hasn't had the carries most 30 year old feature backs have had. Remember, carries were slim for Jones. It wasn't until he got to Chicago where he started to take the load of the carries.

    Having said that, he'll have an impact on the team, but I don't think they'll make the playoffs, but at the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if they squeaked out a wild card spot. Their division is pretty week after the Chargers...
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    I'm still upset they got rid of Thigpen. And I don't see them making the playoffs. LT dropped off, the Chargers didn't. And the Broncos are due to be good... The Raiders probably won't be so much in the Chiefs way, because the Chiefs aren't going anywhere. They're not a 'one step from a Championship' team, at least not in my eyes.
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    Of course not...you're a Raider fan....:icon_cheesygrin: I am feeling pretty good about the upcoming season...and Casey Weigmann being back...is a good move IMO...he's much better than Rudy..I would love to see us make the playoffs and might not even be too surprised if we do...but I'm not really counting on it. I just like to be optimistic! :icon_cool:
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    Haha, loads of insanity in this thread. HAHAHAHA...I don't even know where to start. I'll start with the OP.

    1. New coordinators and coaches means new playbooks, new terminology, and a learning curve. The coaches are better but it will take time.

    2. The schedule looks more favorable than last year, but most of those teams were still better than us last year.

    3. I agree with this

    4. Except for Chambers, all of the free agents we signed are not starters....maybe Weigman can but I doubt. These guys were signed for depth. We still have a lot of holes and a lack of talent.

    5. I understand the point you're trying to make and I agree with it, but Haley sucked tactically as a coach last year. He'll need to get loads better.

    Joe - Be serious man, Cassel is an average NFL starting QB. He's not a Pro Bowler but he's starter quality. He won 11 freaking games as a starter in 2008.

    Kfox - Haha, why is a Raider fan upset that we let Tyler Thigpen go???? Probably the same reason I was happy he was let go.
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    Yeah...I was wondering also why a Raider fan was upset about Tyler Thigpen being let go...:icon_eek:
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    I couldn't disagree more. He is paid like a franchise QB ($63 million) because of a mistake probably. Maybe an extra "0" was added to his planned $6.3mil. A good price for a backup.

    Winning 11 games in the Patriot offense doesn't mean he will have success in any other. It's unique and was tailored to fit his skills (short accuracy, mobility). Throwing to one of the best short-route runners in the game (Wes Welker) is a luxury he wouldn't, and didn't, have anywhere else.

    He can't make all the NFL-throws because he lacks arm strength. (Bring up his one deep ball to Randy Moss and I'll stab you - it floated in the air like crazy) 18 yard deep outs, sticks, and digs are staples of the 2-minute offense (where QBs EARN their ridiculous salary) and not having the throwing power to zip the ball through tight windows or high and outside (deep out/fade) is a major hindrance.
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    Dude...Joe & Mj....

    kool it on the Cassel attacks.

    MJ he wasnt a bust like you thought he was. he worked with what he had and did well. He couldnt win games by himself, because you need a team that can do that. and we are still rebuilding.

    and Joe, Cassel wasnt given that money up front for his immediate impact. its for what he will do. and all in all, the contract was cheap.

    this Team was in shambles last year. and im glad they got the wins that they did.

    but with that said. Rose Glasses or Not, ill be happy when Cassel make you guys look like fools next year.