Will The Colts Go 16-0

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Will The Colts Reach 16-0

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  1. theeraser21

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    Will the Colts reach the 16-0 Mark?

    Week 16: Vs. New York Jets
    Week 17: @ Buffalo Bills

    The Colts will play the desprate Jets at home next week, who are barely alive for a playoff bid. Rookie QB Mark Sanchez will be tricked by the Colts secondary and throw three interceptions, and Manning will lead the Colts in an easy win.

    I think the Buffalo game could be harder. Even though the Bills cannot make the playoffs, the Colts have struggled against larger receivers this season (Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Brandon Marshall, Mike Sims-Walker). I could see Terrell Owens having a big game. Owens has played much better since Ryan Fitzpatrick has been under center. I still think the Colts win in a close one.

    The 16-0 mark will just be what I think will be a start of a historic ride to 19-0. The 2009 Colts are not as talented as the 2007 Patriots, but Peyton Manning is the best player in the history of the NFL.
  2. MediaGuy

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    Yep, looks like it.
  3. Platoon 86

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    I'm thinking 16-0 but end up losing somewhere in the playoffs or the Super Bowl itself.
  4. Peyton Manning best in NFL history ??? :icon_rolleyes:

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    this Colts team is no where near the dominance of the 2007 Patriots, the same teams this years Colts are barely getting by, the 07 Pats woulda beat them by 21+
  5. theeraser21

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  6. mj1987us26

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    I'm gonna say no because it seems as if the Colts will start resting players. Manning continues to struggle against good 3-4 defenses and the Jets have a solid defense. And Buffalo has a very good secondary and the harsh winter winds will force the Colts to run the ball more, which I don't know if they can.
  7. SoDev

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    You make no point. He said PLAYER. So the 07 Pats were a better TEAM... exactly. He said that...

    "The 2009 Colts are not as talented as the 2007 Patriots"
  8. SweetShot03

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    colts have a good chance going 16-0 but I wouldnt start makin the posters just yet... Jets have an up and down team.... they might have a great game like the jags did...... Jags QB just doesnt know how to finish a game......

    I also agree I think colts will lose out in the playoffs......... I dont see either Saints or Colts in the SB
  9. CaptainStubing

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    eh ................... the pre-thanksgiving 2007 pats (their first 10 games) woulda beat ANYONE by 21+ .................... however, let's keep in mind that starting at about Thanksgiving of that year, the Pats came down from their cloud and began to look very human. In fact, out of their last 9 contests that season, including the playoffs, only twice did they beat a team by 14 points or more and, of course, they lost a game at the end of that stretch. The Colts of December 2009 are not that far off from the Pats of December 2007.
  10. TJ

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    I hope they do. I'm sick of hearing about the '72 Dolphins every year.
  11. DawkinsINT

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    That's pretty much what I think will happen.
  12. mj1987us26

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  13. Cletusaurus

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    It's a no-win for everyone that hates the Colts or the 72 Dolphins... if Indy keeps winning, the annoying champagne pop doesn't happen. If the Colts lose, we see/hear Mercury Cokehead's smug face all over TV talking about how no one's on their block or whatever the drugs make him say that day.

    Come to think of it, where is that jackass? He hasn't been heard from all season, unlike 2007 when he and Dipcrap Shula wouldn't get the hell OFF my TV...
  14. theeraser21

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    ......and regardless, we still get whiny Patriot fans
  15. mj1987us26

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    Ohhh boy did I call that. I pulled a KOBE!! SWISH!
  16. theeraser21

    theeraser21 u r a slapdick

    You said no :icon_confused:
  17. mj1987us26

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    That the Colts would go 16-0. And yeah I was right. SWISH!