Will The Lions Strip DE Ndamukong Suh's Captaincy?

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    In this case, Detroit may deserve better than the scenario. The Lions can't slide their first- and second-round draft picks into their designated rookie salary slots just yet because they don't have sufficient funds underneath the salary cap. A primary reason for that deficiency is the continued failure of [Ndamukong Suh] and the Lions to reach an accord that should make Suh one of the richest defensive players in NFL history, while also providing the Lions with necessary cap relief. ... If other players must restructure their contracts to find the necessary room to finally sign tight end Eric Ebron and outside linebacker Kyle Van Noy, then what does that say -- once again -- about Suh's supposedly full-throated commitment to the Lions and doing whatever necessary to help them win? Suh should lose his captaincy.

    Source: Detroit Free Press
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    They were idiots to allow him to be one in the first place. Why would they smarten up now?
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    who would tell him?
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