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    I made the play-offs and I'm looking for a little help...

    My Team #1 -
    starting WRs are; E Sanders (SF) vs Atl, C Kupp (LAR) vs DAL
    starting RBs are; E Elliott (DAL) vs LAR, C Carson (SEA) vs CAR

    I need help selecting two of the following for my FLEX;
    O Beckman (CLE) vs ARI - great match-up but Odell has not performed, and Landry is Mayfield's go to guy
    M Gallup (DAL) vs LAR - with Ramsey covering A Copper, I think Gallup should see more targets
    DK Metcalf (SEA) vs CAR - Metcalf sees about 30% of the targets, but I think game script will be more run focused
    M Ingram (BAL) vs NYJ - NYJ have a strong run defense and L Jackson seems to take the goal line opportunities

    Currently I'm leaning M Gallup vs LAR and as much as it pains me, O Beckman vs ARI.

    Your thoughts
  2. Kurt

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    I know you don't want to here this but I'm going with Odell - the matchup is just to good. Squeaky wheel gets the grease maybe?

    RAM have really limited WR's, this is a Witten game. But I still like Gallop with a decent floor. RAMs haven't had to deal with a WR corp this good yet IMO. Well maybe TB? And they did decent.

    DK is a decent play with a floor around 5 catches for 50.. but teams really just run the ball on CAR. CAR has allowed a low 23 receptions per game.. Carson should do very well here.

    Odell... maybe squeaky wheel gets the grease. 2 really bad games in a row makes him hard to trust but his body of work speaks for its self.. in every game CLE has played a below average pass defense ODELL has done well. The only thing that worries me is his hip is sounding more and more like an issue. Odell still hollering give me the rock. This dude will ball out any moment now.

    If you think you need a big game I'd play Odell. If you want the safety play, go Gallop. My ranking should reflect this later today

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