World Cup Organizers To Silence Vuvuzelas?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Sports' started by SRW, Jun 13, 2010.

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    2010 FIFA World Cup: Organizers consider silencing vuvuzelas - ESPN Soccernet
    That is the most annoying sound ever. I have actually tuned out due to that mess. I could give two craps if the South Africans think it's tradition for them, it's annoying...plain and simple.
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    they dont really bother me. and dont blame your team losing on those stupid things, football players cant hear themselves thing on the field and they dont complain. stupid french
  3. ollysj

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    It's really annoying, even on TV
  4. themush

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    I don't watch because of the racket.
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    Yes, Please. Doesn't keep me from watching, but it is crazy annoying.
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    This guy...


    Reminds me of this guy...

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    lol, Flavor Flav came to my moind too, when I saw this pic. This south african just need a watch
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    I was sick of them by half time of the opening match...and I thought to myself "there's no way I can stand this thing for 63.5 more games". I turned off the volume for today's games...because of that crap, and bacause Mexican play-by-play guys just suck.
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    they haven't bothered me on TV or in real matches (my kids were using them) and i watch on Spanish bc i cant bare the American commentators..................its horrendous
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    i like them
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