WR Donte Stallworth Was Distraught Making 911 Call

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    Sounding distressed and concerned, NFL star Donte Stallworth pleas for an ambulance can be heard in the 911 call he placed just minutes after he struck and killed a man on the MacArthur Causeway. "Ok, listen, listen...This guy just ran in front of my car and he's (expletive) laying in the street dude...I, I," Stallworth says in the call, released yesterday for the first time. "So you hit somebody in the street?" the dispatcher asks. "Yeah, you gotta send an ambulance right now man," Stallworth responds. Stallworth is serving a month in jail after reaching a deal with Miami prosecutors earlier this month after the Cleveland Browns wide receiver was charged with DUI manslaughter. Stallworth struck and killed 59-year-old Mario Reyes with his Bentley after a night of clubbing in Miami Beach in the early hours of March 14.

    Source: NBC Miami.com
  2. ball in the baskett

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    I would be the same way if i jut hit a man with my car.
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    I still think the guy was more at fault then Donte. Just waiting for this video to be released. Hoping that it shows that there was nothing Donte could do. This would be reason for him sounding distraught and also coming to a plea deal of only 30 days plus the home arrest. Donte will always have some fault in it, but it would be nice to see it wasnt the situation all of us were made to believe it was.

    Please dont take this the wrong way. I do not condone drinking and driving and I do feel for the victims family.
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    How was it not his fault. My neighbor's kids, and father died, because a drunk driver killede them, on our street. DUI manslaughter is taken too lightly. The guy who stole Lance's bike got more jail time
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    I agree that this is tragic, but from what I've heard about this video the guy literally walked right in front of the car, and there was nothing Stallworth could have done under any circumstance. 30 days plus 2 years house arrest and a possible loss of license for life isn't really a slap on the wrist if the guy was as much at fault as is being reported
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    read what I wrote before you bash me. I never said he is not at fault, I just said the victim might be more at fault. If someone walks out in front of a car no matter how impared the driver is there is a chance they might get hit. If the video surfaces and shows a man walking out between 2 cars 5 feet in front of Donte's car that would show there was absolutely nothing Donte could do. This would also explain why prosecutors, the judge, and the family felt the punishment fit the crime
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    I'm not bashing you, I'm bashing the judge

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    I have not seen the video, so I can not make a statement
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    How is it fair to bash the judge when you yourself just stated you havent seen the video so therefor cant make a statement.

    My comment is totally based on what "might of happened" and seems very possible, yours is based on DUI manslaughter as a whole.

    I think you have to take every situation and analyze it by itself. Yes drinking and driving is bad, very bad, but it may not have play as big of a role in this situation as we were led to believe.

    I dont think its fair to bash anyone until we have all the details
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    I couldn't understand half of what that 911 operator was saying. Drunk or not, anyone would be distraught in that situation.
  11. wide right

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    The last 5 seconds are creepy. I think that's when he gets a look at the dude he hit after getting out of his car.
  12. ball in the baskett

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    Was the guy that he hit running accross the street or something? Cause he said he jumped in front of his car. If so it wasent his fault.
  13. bergybones

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    This is what I have been saying for a long time. I think Stallworth took the deal because he felt somewhat responsible because he had been drinking, but also felt that there was nothing he could of done. If this is the case then he is a standup individual and more of a man then most. We all make mistakes but it takes a real man to admit when he did somethign wrong when he could of gotten off free
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    I heard he couldn't hit the brakes because of a bad hammy....

    ....what? too soon?
  15. ball in the baskett

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    He dident sound drunk on the phone if the guy ran in front of the car its his fault.
  16. bergybones

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    Well wasnt there a report also that stated that the prosecuors would have to prove 100% that alcohol caused him not to be able to stop otherwise this case would be thrown out. I dont know about you but I dont think I could stop going 45 or whatever he was going and someone jumped 5 feet in front of my car. This may be stretching it but does anyone know the mental state of the guy who got hit? Could he have done it on purpose? I dont think I have heard anyone question this yet
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    Wrong - its up to the defense to contradict the police record that he was liquored, or at least introduce reasonable doubt to the degree of the liquoring. As to the mental state of the victim, I can see that your intentions are good but misguided - a drunken professional athlete killed a man (who may have came in front of his vehicle under extremely 'short notice') and we can't work to make excuses for the perpetrator, if we are to consistently hold these guys to Goodell's high standard than Stallworth deserves exponentially more than Mike Vick got.
    And as a sidebar - Donte was very respectful and level headed with the operator so I think that will benefit him down the line, but Mike Vick got jobbed.