WR Reggie Wayne Open To Return With Rebuilding Colts

Discussion in 'Indianapolis Colts' started by Sweets, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Reggie Wayne doesn't know what will unfold with Peyton Manning. He doesn't know what will happen with him, either according to Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com. The Indianapolis Colts receiver has an expiring contract and could be lined up to explore unrestricted free agency for the first time. "This is what I have, this is all I know," he said. "So I wouldn't mind being part of a rebuilding process. They need some old heads, too, you know? It would be an honor to still be part of this organization even with a rebuilding phase. I know there are going to be some guys on the team that I still know, I know the head coach, Chuck Pagano, pretty good (from their time together at the University of Miami.) I'd just look at it as my rookie year all over again." "I've not talked to the Colts and rightfully so," he said, pointing to all of the change for a team with a new general manager (Ryan Grigson) and coach. "I'm sure at some point in time I will hear something from them. If not, I'll understand that also. "No regrets. I love the city. I love that organization. I'll still be a Colt for life."

    Source: The Redzone
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    well, irsay seems to be in a total house-cleaning mode so i'm not sure he would even want wayne back.
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    You gotta have some sort of veteran leadership on a team...even on a "rebuilding team."
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    He's learned a lot from Manning I'd say, so it probably makes sense as long as he doesn't want a bunch of dough. Crap I'd take him on the Browns to teach Greg Little those routes.
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    Luck is going to need someone to throw too.