Younger Players Earning Jaguars Assistant Dirk Koetter's Trust

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    The Jaguars' youth on offense last season made offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter a little hesitant to trust some of the team's younger players. He's a lot more likely to call on them now. Koetter even called the Jaguars' receivers the best group he's had in his four years in Jacksonville. "If Mike Thomas or Jarett Dillard made a mistake in practice, that burned into my brain and I was thinking they're going to make that same mistake on Sunday," Koetter said. That goes for backup running back Rashad Jennings as well. "I was scared to death last year," Koetter said. "Maurice (Jones-Drew) would be dragging early in the year and they'd be wanting to put Rashad in and I said, 'No, no' because I was scared, I was nervous. But now Rashad, Mike Thomas, Jarett Dillard, Zach Miller, those guys go in, we're going to keep rolling. I have no need to not trust what those guys can do."

    Source: Florida Times-Union