Your Opinions On NFL Jerseys..

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Fricker 4, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Fricker 4

    Fricker 4 Crabtree fall to 10

    OK so guys im looking into getting a new jersey. I was just wondering everyones take on jerseys.

    I was dont like to be normal mesh in with everyone else. Therefore, i will not buy a QB jersey, a Gore jersey to wear, Davis or Willis. I like to be that guy that gives that underappreciated guy that 1 fan who he knows is pulling for him.

    So to my question.

    Jerseys with the Right name on the back???


    Is it cool to see them with their Nickname on the back. Example, Delanie Walker

    instead of #46 walker, it would be #46 D-Love.

    Actually know some one that has it. was pretty cool. So please give me your opinions
  2. n1gbpackfan

    n1gbpackfan Title Town USA

    Farve? lol - j/k.....

    As a Packer fan, someone unappreciate IMO, would be Bigby..Dude can hit, kinda reminds me of Chuck (missing my two front teeth) Cecil!
  3. hermhater

    hermhater Guest

    Don't do it dude.

    Your friend is a douche bag.

    That crap is gay.
  4. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    i like getting an under appreciated player's jersey i would love to have a thomas howard jersey. as for the nicknames on the back i am not big on that part
  5. brakos82

    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    After the Dolphins game last year I saw about seven people wearing Kris Brown jerseys at Kroger's.
  6. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I would go standard name, standard number. I think the "made up names" are silly. I don't like them and I know a bunch of people who agree. But you know what, if you like it, who gives a crap what anyone else thinks.

    I always go my favorite player and his number. But maybe I'm not creative...
  7. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    The only 'made-up' name I'd wear on a jersey, is a Panthers jersey, #32... HE HATE ME :icon_cheesygrin:
  8. Fricker 4

    Fricker 4 Crabtree fall to 10

    that would be sick lol.

    Well see my friend was thinking about getting a Clements #22 name LOCKDOWN.

    i was either gonna get a regular Manny Lawson Authentic or a

    Keith Lewis Authentic. But with Keith i was thinkin bout gettin his name or his nick name

    Killa Keith on the back. Leaning towards just Lewis but ya.
  9. burnout2oo7

    burnout2oo7 I Am Dawk's Broken Heart

    I agree with nate. I think it's awesome to get a jersey of an unsung player on the team, but I'm not a big fan of the nickname on the back of the jersey. Personally, I feel it kills the idea of buying a jersey, something that's meant to be "authentic" or "official". That's just me, though, and like Ward said: get what you want. You'll be the one wearing it.

    Akers jerseys have always been popular here. Mostly amongst the women, though. :icon_mrgreen:

    It just sounds so much better than Smart.
  10. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I would go Manny Lawson.

    That Lockdown one would be alright until Clements retires or moves on and then some scrub comes in and is awful...then your friends jersey is poo-poo until he gets the name plate changed..which is always a possibility.

    I see the Akers ones all the time...which brings up a selling Kickers Jersey?
  11. burnout2oo7

    burnout2oo7 I Am Dawk's Broken Heart

    I'm not 100% sure, but I'd have to guess the Adam V. Patriots jersey is up there as the best selling kicker jersey of all-time.
  12. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    How about #11 Bust :bolt:
  13. wide right

    wide right Grumpy Old Man

    No, it isn't.

  14. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

    This. Gimmicks are for qu**rs.
  15. Fricker 4

    Fricker 4 Crabtree fall to 10

    Ehhh it wouldnt really matter if he retired. 49ers are supposively getting new jerseys in 2 yrs anyways so i will buy one of those then.

    I am still kinda torn. Cuz i like the look of the

    Killa Keith


    it just looks alot cooler then the Lewis #28.

    I know a bunch of people on here are against it and thats cool. I have tons of regular named jerseys. I am just kinda leaning towards doin it this one. And i will probably buy a Manny Lawson Regular named one later in the season. Hmm
  16. SeanTaylor21

    SeanTaylor21 TheKingofKind

    Get a Michael Robinson jersey.
  17. 86WARD

    86WARD -

  18. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    i got an actual Ray Lewis #52 home jersey (purple) for christmas last year, which i'm gonna wear this thursday when the ravens open their pre-season at new england
  19. Fricker 4

    Fricker 4 Crabtree fall to 10

    If i was gonna get a Ray Lewis Jersey id get the name plate to say Murderer!
  20. Dougerrrr

    Dougerrrr Laus Deo

    I don't think it matters what the name is on the back as much as the color of the jersey. If it ain't Steelers colors....don't get it. :icon_cheesygrin: