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Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by ram29jackson, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Steve12

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    Oooohhh ok that's kinda what I was thinking it meant. I just didn't know if you were somehow joking about jemicklos switching teams.
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    Don't like the teams effort so you root for someone else - that is the textbook definition of a fairweather fan. When you bailed has nothing to do with it, the only thing that matters is that you did in fact, bail. I'm sure if they start doing well, you'll be back on their jock in less time than it takes Cutler to suck down a grit, to boot...and hopefully that happens soonish so we can point and laugh at your lame duck fair-weatheredness.

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    this thread is great!
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    Only one Bay Area, hell yeah and it's in CALIFORNIA baby!!! I'm not a fan of the 49ers because it's trendy...that's just ridiculous..hey if you want to be a Bears fan, power to ya but you don't have to lesser our love for our team in the process. <just a note to the wise, Bears have their bandwagon fans as well>
  5. JEMicklos

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    I was just using San Francisco and Seattle as examples. Lots of "Heat" fans became fans of those two squads last year. Not singling you out Sweets. Pretty sure we've already had that discussion
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    A) You live in Indianapolis? Where? I live in Noblesville northeast of INDY!!!

    B) M*A*S*H was a freaking awesome show. Better than 99% of the garbage that's on today!

    C) [​IMG]

  7. RichLikeWh0a

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    mash was garbage. and i live in anderson, lol.
  8. TheDuke

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    The best thing to do in Anderson is leave.
  9. RichLikeWh0a

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    yeah...don't i know it.
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    LOL...LOL at the whole thing..if you guys are just having fun with a back and forth then fine. But if you are serious, no one gives a flying damn who you are a fan of and for how long. Sports is entertainment, I can like who ever I want to like for what ever reasons I come up with at any time. Its not a marriage or gang allegiance LOL the team isn't paying me to like them so i'll like who I want to when I feel like it
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    The one "south" is Bay Area. The one on the "west coast" is

  12. CaptainStubing

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    This ^^^^

    i used to like the Barry-Sanders Lions. I do not like the current Lions. and i don't care if i was born and raised in detroit and had always been a lions fan, there is no way i would support this crap show of coaches and players they are force-feeding their fans.

    i did not used to like the Michael Irvin Cowboys. This particular group is quite enjoyable.

    the seahawks and jets were always somewhat 'loveable losers' but i don't root for their current coaches and players because they're trash.
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    We tell them apart from the real ones by the lack of scars...
  14. Tarkus

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    Uh ho

    This could get ugly...

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  16. DaBears22

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    Not sure lol. I say that if [MENTION=4302]JEMicklos[/MENTION] wants to change teams, during the season no less, he should pay a toll. For the remainder of the 2013 season he should donate equally whatever vCash he earns to other Bears fans on the site. Sound fair? lol time to pay up motherhecker. :lol:
  17. ram29jackson

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  18. Spiman2u

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    Yep one bay area-Butt the best part is way south--Look where the new stadium is.. a 30+ minute trolley ride from even more south- meh house.. -At least the whiners have the right color..
  19. Sweets

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    The best QB, best Offense, best Defense, aww heck it we have the BEST...NoooooooooooooooooooBody has it better!!!
  20. ram29jackson

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    SF won a game by 6 points with 2 bad 3rd down calls going their way and did a poor job of stopping the Packers in a shoot out in nothing more than a first game. They are no better or worse than 15 teams at this point and defenses are learning how to blitz the read option heavily. Got a looong waay to go yet there