2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Shortstops

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Only Hanley Ramirez had more RBI than Starlin Castro (78) last season.

The 2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Shortstops are important to your Fantasy team, but not the most important.  The best way to bolster your roster is by adding corner infielders with power and slugging corner outfielders paired-up with speedy center fielders.  The middle infielders generally give you little in the power categories, and are so-so in the speed categories.

Obviously, you have exceptions to the rule.  Players such as Troy Tulowitzki and Hanley Ramirez ideally provide owners with 20-30 home runs and the chance at 80-100 runs batted in when healthy.  Not many guys on the list below can offer that.

Most people assume shortstops are the pivotal position in your fantasy lineup because they are so valuable on the actual diamond.  This thing is, this is fantasy.  So, take a look at some of the following statistics that may make you shake your head and think twice come draft day.

Over the past three (3) seasons:  One (1) player has averaged 20+ homers; zero (0) have averaged over 80+ RBI; only four (4) averaged more than 80+ runs scored;  of the fifteen (15) shortstops that averaged over 500 ABs, only about about half of them had an average north of .270; and finally, eight (8) shortstops averaged 20+ stolen bases per year.

So, if you do not land a Reyes, Ramirez or Tulowitzki....I would advise you to select a player than can steal bases, hit for a decent average and score runs.  I really like Starlin Castro coming into 2013 and feel he is on the cusp of becoming a 20-20 player.  If manager Dale Sveum keeps Castro in the 5th hole he should see increased RBI opportunities as a result.

Two other names that you will get great value out of, but not have to break the bank on our:  Ian Desmond and Elvis Andrus.    Desmond will provide you with a nice combination of power and speed, while Andrus can help you in four (4) of the five (5) major categories (AVG, R, RBI, and SB).  You should be able to snag either player between the 10th and 12th rounds of your draft.

Changes you need keep your eye on:
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    • Hanley Ramirez  pulled a Biggie Smalls on us and headed back to Cali last season.  With him presumably hitting 5th once again, that lineup is looking good (Adrian Gonzalez and Matt Kemp will provide plenty of opportunities to drive in runs) and the 29-year-old is only a year removed from being a 20-20 guy.
    • Jose Reyes, Ramirez's old teammate, will be suiting up north of the border this season, at the top of a much improved Toronto Blue Jay lineup.  Again, this lineup is stacked and should easily help Reyes score over 100 runs for the second time in three seasons.
    • Stephen Drew followed his older brother’s footsteps and signed with the Red Sox for 2013.  This could be a nice middle infielder pick for some Fantasy owners, as this team can still score some runs and Drew is back from an ankle injury.
    • Jed Lowrie, who projects as the starter for the Astros this season, was off to a hot start in 2012 before thumb and ankle injuries took a bite out of his playing time.  If he can stay healthy, you have a J.J. Hardy-esque shortstop, with power potential and a shot at decent average.  Lowrie could be in play late in deeper mixed league drafts and provide some real nice value at the position.


Here are the Top 60 shortstops for 2013:

Updated 3/1/2013

Rank Player Team Score
1 Reyes,Jose TOR 115.06
2 Tulowitzki,Troy COL 101.67
3 Desmond,Ian WAS 98.86
4 Ramirez,Hanley LA 93.19
5 Rollins,Jimmy PHI 85.61
6 Aybar,Erick LAA 85.58
7 Castro,Starlin CHC 82.24
8 Andrus,Elvis TEX 77.44
9 Escobar,Alcides KC 76.36
10 Zobrist,Ben TAM 76.31
11 Cabrera,Asdrubal CLE 73.01
12 Ramirez,Alexei CHW 71.48
13 Rutledge,Josh COL 68.51
14 Izturis,Maicer TOR 64.86
15 Cabrera,Everth SD 63.69
16 Segura,Jean MIL 62.09
17 Jeter,Derek NYY 62.05
18 Nakajima,Hiroyuki OAK 61.69
19 Scutaro,Marco SF 60.10
20 Hardy,J.J. BAL 59.37
21 Espinosa,Danny WAS 57.35
22 Peralta,Jhonny DET 53.87
23 Drew,Stephen BOS 52.15
24 Cozart,Zack CIN 49.40
25 Greene,Tyler HOU 42.81
26 Simmons,Andrelton ATL 42.48
27 Lowrie,Jed OAK 41.77
28 Furcal,Rafael STL 41.43
29 Nunez,Eduardo NYY 40.74
30 Pennington,Cliff ARI 40.43
31 Tejada,Ruben NYM 35.91
32 Carroll,Jamey MIN 33.56
33 Escobar,Yunel TAM 31.27
34 Ryan,Brendan SEA 30.03
35 Crawford,Brandon SF 29.87
36 Gordon,Dee LA 24.20
37 Dozier,Brian MIN 22.11
38 Gonzalez,Alex MIL 21.36
39 Barmes,Clint PIT 19.40
40 Bloomquist,Willie ARI 19.30
41 Aviles,Mike CLE 18.24
42 Descalso,Daniel STL 17.61
43 Harrison,Josh PIT 17.10
44 Franklin,Nick SEA 16.63
45 Elmore,Jake HOU 16.61
46 Cedeno,Ronny STL 14.67
47 Florimon Jr.,Pedro MIN 11.31
48 Garcia,Leury TEX 10.96
49 Arias,Joaquin SF 8.01
50 Johnson,Elliot KC 7.49
51 Cruz,Luis LA 7.36
52 Gregorius,Didi ARI 7.15
53 Gonzalez,Marwin HOU 6.00
54 Bianchi,Jeff MIL 3.52
55 Colon,Christian KC 2.63
56 Bartlett,Jason FAN 2.37
57 Rodriguez,Sean TAM 1.42
58 Herrera,Jonathan COL 1.08
59 Triunfel,Carlos SEA 0.74
60 Iglesias,Jose BOS -0.87

Please see the original Fantasy Baseball article which helps explain the rankings system.


  1. Jeff says

    It’s hard to believe a guy who was 7th among SS in RBI and 9th in HR in a down year would be ranked 30th.

    • Matt Eastman says

      Jeff thank you for checking out the rankings, it is very clear you are a Tigers fan. Nothing wrong with that, but please read our opening explanation of rankings. These are completely “value” based. This is not a “who do you think is best” ranking system.

      Peralta hit .239 last year, stole 1 base and only scored 58 runs. Based off numerous websites, his projected totals next season are as follows: .265, 14 HRs, 65 RBI, 1 SB, and 60 R. Solid, but definitely not Top 10 as you are implying. AVG, R and SB hold value the same as HR and RBI.

      I would much rather have a guy like Jed Lowrie.


      • Jeff says

        I never implied he’s top 10, that’s simply ludicrous. I simply stated a fact about his value last year. I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to take #19 over him either. But Pennington or Tejada, who you can guarantee won’t be top 10 in 2 of the standard 5×5 categories? Probably not.

        By the way, those projected runs and Avg numbers would both have been top 15 last year among SS.